Wake and Bake | A stoner's story - Intro

2 years ago
Hey guys, I consider myself a writer and, according to my own standards, a good writer should be able to write about anything and be able to keep their readers interested.

My dad used to tell me that a writer should always write about what he knows about and not mess with topics that doesn't concern him.

Well on one hand I would like to put my skills to the test and see if I can write a story about a normal teenager, what he faces every day and the common obstacles he faces in his daily life. Obviously I want the story to be MJ related - but not circling around only that.

Ok the other hand, I'm only a casual smoker and I didn't grow up smoking weed, so I'll have to do a lot of research about marihuana use in teenagers.

So, why am I choosing smoke as a platform to try this idea?

Because I want your opinion, I would like you to tell what do you think about this idea, what do you think I should read about the subject (I already did some research but I want to know the community's first hand opinion) and also, I want to know if you'd be interested in reading it, I will probably write 1,000 word chapters, so that's like a 6 minute read on average

Any thoughts?

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I actually think you could give it a go and see how it goes (If people like.. if you enjoy truely). I PERSONALLY am not much of a big reader. More like skim through and watch vdos kinda one of those so... I prolly won't be one of the readers or if not, not regular one. Though, maybe others would like, like, @futurethinker :)

Give it a go amigoooo!

If it's not a spoiled teenage I be up for it haha

A writer can write on anything, a good writer can do it well. Some research might be needed but at the same time, what gets people hooked is an emotional bond. I say, experiment away.

I never did smoking ever, but I am also waiting to read some scientific research oriented articles here and know how people share their opinion. Also, I am curious how weed trees are cultivated when it is illegal in many countries like Bangladesh.

It would be nice reading such a post. Go On! It would be for educational purposes because I'm certain we'd probably have some teenagers on the platform as there's no form of age verification yet and there's no way to confirm all users are above 21.

I am sure you experimented with something growing up. Just think back to those memories and swap up the object of forbidden pleasures.

Great to see you here, go for it! ^_^

HEY, Eric you're here!
This is awesome