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4 months ago

New Witness:

I setup a new witness using hotbox: thanks to @jrswab for helping me on discord.
I wanna try make time to contribute to the official smoke witness docs and to the hotbox documentation.

Why run a witness?

Although I've been working in the black market for ages on and off I also have a legal job.
Insert I live a double life meme here :). I work as a developer of sorts full time.

I have plenty of experience running servers so I thought I'd do something to contribute to smoke.

Where am I at?

If you go and check on:

I am at the bottom of the active witness page:

Please vote for me:

I am not running for president, politics is for crooks. But I am running for witness so please vote for me. Thanks :)

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Awesome to see you made it😁. As soon as I get my keys out you will get my vote 😀

Voted as witness


Thanks :)

Welcome, I will keep an eye out for your work,
then you might get my vote... ;)

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