Your Weedness or Some Words about the WitnessCharter

5 months ago

Almost a week ago the @witnesscharter was quietly introduced to the Smoke community.

As a cannabis focused “graphene blockchain”, built around user generated content (UGC), the Smoke blockchain is one of only few blockchain communities centered around a specific niche, built on the technology first introduced by the Steem blockchain.

For a long time Steem has been called a “social experiment” and the community has been left to its own, for better or worse. The platform has seen many communities develop, some around location, others around activity and engagement, and yet others around specific niches. Although, sadly, the latter is something which never truly took off on Steem, that most likely also due to long announced but never introduced yet communities feature.


In recent months, several Steem forks have appeared (all with a new genesis block) and Smoke is one of only two at the moment of writing which revolve around a specific topical niche (and market), the Scorum platform the other. Additionally, several other similar platforms have been introduced, based on other blockchains, most of which also have started with a wide topical scope.

Being one of the first graphene UGC platforms following Steem has both helped Smoke to launch but at the same time also introduces the risk that many may think of Smoke as “yet another social media platform” to earn from.

The so-called “Abundance Life”.

Because going forward it is of utmost importance that the Smoke platform can maintain its niche scope, in order to attract businesses and see businesses both invest in and HODL SMOKE, as a community we should always make sure that our focus is cannabis first. Because, no cannabis related business wants to invest in a token which is used for general purposes and also welcomes those who enjoy cannabinoids. Let alone want those operators wade through hundreds, possibly even thousands, of “first” or “good post” comment replies.

Niche focus is key.

Much like a surfing merchandise popup shop won’t show up at an ice hockey event to market and sell its products.

Being a DPoS community, it is important that as witnesses we signal future investors, and businesses wanting to join the platform, that our focus will stay true to the initial scope of the Smoke network, as also highlighted in the Smoke Whitepaper.


In order to consolidate the focus, I recently reached out to @skylinebuds with the idea of creating a voluntary “weednesscharter” in which witnesses commit to maintain the focus of the Smoke network on cannabis and related products. A self-accountable commitment, so to say.

Ever since we first spoke about the charter, he has done a tremendous job contacting other witnesses and further evolving the initial draft, until the WitnessCharter was introduced some days ago in its first official release.

The Smoke WitnessCharter Commitment

  1. Maintaining a Cannabis focus in present and future dApp projects and blockchain upgrades.
  2. Supporting the development of cannabis related dApps
  3. Promoting and rewarding original cannabis content
  4. Creating an uncensored and friendly social environment
  5. Listening to Smoke community requests and adhering to each user's unique standards
  6. Maintaining high-quality servers, adhering to strict security standards, internet connections and regular updates/upgrades on our Witness nodes.


As witnesses, and Smoke community members first, we felt it important that we let know the community members what we stand for and that we are committed to the cannabis spirit of the Smoke network.

Obviously, we do understand that everybody - ourselves included - at time do create content which may be less related. That is fine, but as witnesses we commit that we will maintain the topical niche scope of this decentralized platform.

Because blockchain also means freedom, and no code could prevent so-called bad actors from possibly hijacking the network and litter it with off-topic, generalized content, making the platform a less attractive future option for cannabis loving users and businesses, we felt it was needed to make this explicit voluntary commitment to the community.

Launch Signatories

The #WitnessCharter was introduced with 11 original signatories.

  1. @skylinebuds
  2. @coffeebuds
  3. @cannaweedness
  4. @betgames
  5. @intelliguy(*)
  6. @trees
  7. @xtetrahedron
  8. @canna-curate
  9. @chronocrypto(*)
  10. @jrswab
  11. @smokeasaurusrex

We wish to invite all other existing, and future, witnesses to consider signing this voluntary charter and make the commitment for the [future] stability of the smoke network. If you wish to do so, just head over to the @witnesscharter and leave a comment on the post.


(*) Currently disabled
Photo credit: Unsplash and Smoke Pitch deck.

Do not forget to vote for witnesses. Witnesses host the blockchain and guarantee its censor-resilience and its decentralization. You can cast your witness vote here.

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The smoke or steemit for that sake are very much needs to be governed and witness has a key role in that. There is no denying the importance of a hardworking and active witness for the community but i still feels that there is lack of comparison to check which witness is better then others. That may be because this community is relatively new and we are still in the experimenting phase so i think after a few experiments we'll be in a position to compare different witnesses.


There is no such thing as a “better” witness. There are too many skills needed from the whole witness community for one person, or even team, to cover everything. Comparing will never be a great thing to do, as the only real objective metric in that aspect would be missed blocks. But witnesses may also bring other skills which are more subjective in assessment.

The top 20, AKA the “governance”, should IMHO be a combination of super strong sysadmins who can help others level up their sysadmin skills, active dApp operators, and community leaders/influencers/players.

It’s very much like electing a government. Not checking against a checklist of requirements.

All signatories of the witnesscharter commit to operate capable servers and improve them where required. That also includes skillswise, obviously.

#WitnessCharter with 11 signatories is really great move that will keep stability of the smoke network and consolidate the focus on cannabis.


Let’s hope soon we will be 20+. Since it was launched two more have expressed intent to sign already.

It's a cool idea as long as it's not hostile, if someone's new or they've posted an off topic post in between frequent cannabis content, don't get mad triggered.


Personally I compare “offtopic” to offtopic on forums: the most active board... but placed at the bottom. Without it the place wouldn’t be the same.

For me this is about self-accountability and being committed to the future. A promise to members, not a law we want to force upon others.

This is a great idea. I agree that this community must stay as much cannabis oriented as possible.


Cannabis & co. 😁

Cool stuff, i enjoy all witnesses to support this trend. We really need to keep smoke on track👍
Gave you a follow.. Keep up the good work✌


Thanks, @jessica. Your pinned message in Discord almost made it in this post too. :)