Privex Smoke-in-a-Box VPS Hosting Solution: Feedback Request

10 months ago

As recent months have brought huge changes to the graphene blockchain scene, new potential partnerships have opened up in the scene which once started with Steem, and the Smoke blockchain forked from as well. One of those possibilities is the option that may offer “Smoke-in-a-box” hosting plans to interested witnesses.

Who Are

Privex are a small, privately owned, hosting company lead by @someguy123 and specialized in providing private hosting packages to the graphene scene (and every other VPS hosting searching client a well, of course).

Privex were the first hosting provider to focus on the graphene blockchain niche and have an extreme wealth of graphene knowledge.

Someguy123 himself is a longstanding top 20 witness on Steem and now Hive — since the Steem-Hive fork. Someguy123 is the original provider, and maintainer, of the “Steem-in-a-Box” software, which has found tremendous popularity among witnesses in the social graphene niche.

The popular “Smoke-in-a-box” Hotbox provided by jrswab is also inspired Someguy123’s original “Steem-in-a-Box”.

Hosting plans for witnesses could start as low as $10/month, with pre-installed Smoke blockchain ($0 setup fee).

Additionally, Privex are focused on providing privacy focused hosting packages offering anonymous payment with HIVE, HBD, and other popular cryptocurrencies like Doge, Monero, LTC and BTC. In fact, Privex are that privacy focused they even do NOT accept fiat payment. Those who prefer increased privacy can even access Privex via their TOR address.

If Privex were to offer competitive “Smoke-in-Box” VPS plans for witness and seed nodes, would Smoke witnesses be interested in such plans and potentially switch their hosting to privex?

What About Decentralizaton?

As a witness member myself, of course, I must promote decentralization and should preach that every witness searches for a different hosting provider, and yet another one for their backup node.

Yet, reality is that people like convenience and also that as a cannabis focused blockchain, community our target demographic is less technical than other blockchain communities. Most of us are here for the weed, not to nerd out on the tech and awesomeness of the chain powering our ecosystem.

Weed is what we love, legalization is our advocacy, and a censor-resilient ecosystem is our toolkit liberating cannabis lovers from the censor of platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

As such having a knowledgeable provider for new witnesses who may be put off by the technical aspects of configuring and maintaining an own withness node, I think that there is tremendous possible value in what Privex could bring to our blockchain and community. All while I’m convinced that enough Smoke witnesses would still continue to operate their own witness node, thus not putting the decentralization of the ecosystem at risk.

As a commercial provider Privex would also bring reliability and consistency when new hardforks are introduced. Privex have track record and the fact that Someguy123 has consistently been a top 20 witness for Steem-Hive is evidence of the reliability of Privex.

Lastly, Privex have shown to have values and do not support their original Steem-in-a-box anymore after the unethical events (stake theft) which occurred under Justin Sun and his sockpuppet controlled centralized Steem.


I do think that Smoke and Privex can create a great synergy, increasing the community’s appeal to new witnesses by offering solid packages. I would even sugggest that if the community speaks out in favor of such a “collaboration”, Privex is added to the sidebar of the platform and I would personally recommend their packages to new potential witnesses looking for an easy solution.

I do firmly believe that the knowledge and experience Privex can bring to the Smoke ecosystem would benefit us and improve the entry for new, less technically inclined witnesses. And Privex’s packages would be the fastest way to get started as a witness, as they come with the chain played in already and don’t require hours of syncing before your witness can start to produce blocks.

What are your thoughts, Smoke Community?

Tags: #witness #witness-hosting #smoke-in-a-box #hosting #privex

Disclosure: This is a personal assessment and no exchange of finances or services between Privex and myself has occurred. In the past we have used Privex for hosting solutions, but currently I am not a Privex client nor promote any Privex referral plans.

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Yea with something like that I could get @brettblue up and running with only having a mobile device and without his needing to know anything ... have been reluctant to start the process as I don’t want him to spend money for nothing!

Since we are a slow updating chain I image it wouldn’t be to hard for him to keep up with any updates ... Someguy123 has my trust and support ...

As for switching ... I will take one for the sake of decentralization of my 2 witnesses since I ended up converting one rig for streaming also for learning the SSH type stuff 👍

Also would be down for collaboration... any chance this could lead to more I’m willing to take.


Your rigs setup sounds complicated to me. Glad it’s not mine. :P


Only real complication is having it all home operated on the same machines.

this would be amazing! i am wanting to start a witness and help support the network but i dont have enough knowhow really to get off the ground! Something like this would definitely help me get started with @d00k13 giving me some help along the way!


Sounds awesome, @brettblue. It’s super and only requires few steps on initial setup, steps @d00kie13 can easily help with.


most definitely I can


Will be stoked to help you get it running buddy, part of the battle is up keep and this will help you get through that hurdle each time an update happens 😎

Convenience is a bonus for the less techie. Sounds cool, I will continue to host mine where they are, however I am also availabile for new witness setup walkthroughs if anyone needs help. This would definitely open the doors.


I agree its a great option to have available and also believe there is room for simple self hosting solutions like what your working on with hotbox for those of us that prefer self hosting solutions 😎

In fact, Privex are that privacy focused they even do NOT accept fiat payment.

privacy focused > focused on gathering your private information from their servers and collecting as much information and funds from you as possible, without allowing you a face to report when scammed out of your keys/funds for choosing to use their "anonymous/private" server hosting.*

There we go, fixed it for you. You pathetic fuck. He's only well respected by dipshits over there, too. No one who's reputable. Beginning to think you're one of those scamming fucks. Your name alone says you're intentionally trying to not have a proper name or face put to you. Typical of scammers and invalids in the crypto space. Who do you think the funds went to that were stolen from people on steem? LOL! "someguy123" and funds were put from stolen wallets into "community321" he's been one of the shadow puppet witnesses and regime members for a long time standing. Good news is that Justin Sun and his shadow regime that colluded with the old regime, were too fucking stupid with their newly created account's keys, that the funds were able to be recovered through use of that exposure. He's a low IQ fuck like most of you people. Stupid low IQ fucks like you are no good at tracking/tracing through the blockchain and the other various social media pages and such it brings you to, it's honestly pathetic as fuck. Starting to think it's intentional from some of you maybe in way that you're the people behind the "other people" or "other services/businesses" you're promoting. Just like this joke of a fucking retard shit going on with the hive-engine token and smoke, this is yet another test of who's got a low IQ and who does not. Low IQ fucks trust anonymous sources that don't even accept fiat, because fiat leaves a trail to them and they're attempting to stay in the shadows so as to not have to face legal consequences or backlash or prison. It's hilarious what you low IQ fucks will believe/go for. LOL.

You're a retarded piece of shit. Stop spreading propaganda for "businesses" run by scammers attempting to gain control/access to large portions of the community's private keys. Sad sack of low IQ dog shit. For $5/month, you can run unlimited witnesses on various trustworthy server hosting platforms. Trusting a faceless fuck is like trusting a bum with aids and needles all up in him not to give you aids when he fucks you (something I hear you're a fan of, getting fucked anally by heroin laden bums. LOL) and pokes you with his needles. Anyone wishing to remain "anonymous" in the crypto space is just a piece of fucking shit trying to scam, a troll, or someone bored and fucking with low IQ fucks. You're not a troll or high enough IQ to toy with anyone here, so I'm left to assume the latter of all of it.


How’s your Smoke game dev doing?


Developing for hive/steem now. Even steem is still more promising of an investment than this place has become. Pulling some funds from some clusters on here, since this blockchain is basically in the gutter now. About to start my own chain in addition to developing for hive and steem. Considering it'll be based off of the current hive blockchain, the game will seamlessly connect to my new chain as well. Tired of dipshits with pre-mine thinking they deserve it, just so they can force the masses to do as they please with no real direction or goal. So far, social meda blockchains have been a failure, even considering how successful steem/hive have been over the years. Time to do things right, I think. Too many retards starting blockchains, too little knowledge among them, too low of IQs. The idea that there needs to be amounts held back for anything is retarded, it's a lie used to hold stake to sell later when the price pumps. If you keep the supply low, don't put millions of extra bullshit, and promote and develop properly, the coin's value alone, along with the votes given for doing things on the chain, will be more than enough to cover any costs of anything. The problem, thus far, has been greedy sacks of dog shit trying to start chains just so they can earn, not to provide the crypto space with decentralized social media. They're all pretty much fucking jokes, so it's time to show these retards what a real blockchain with real value and real potential is like. Dan and Ned had years and years to do something worth a fuck with steemit and the steem blockchain, but look what happened there. Years and years of promises, meant to boost the price, while they dumped off and eventually sold their stake and their company. The social media space in crypto has yet to see something worth a fuck, so we've settled on steem and now hive and joke chains like whaleshares and smoke. Some are even so stupid they tried to earn sidechain TOKENS for steem-engine/hive-engine. LOL! Weedcash, actnearn, pal, leo, all those fucking sad excuses for tokens, all failed.

Done wasting time on a chain with a very low average IQ community, where I'm one of the few people worth a fuck who posts quality content on his main clusters and all I'm seeing is money for it. No new interactions, no new people, no games, no new tools, nothing. This place is a fucking joke. LOL. I even got dumbasses like shitstain aka dooker to buy my smoke around 0.12-0.14 BTS by simply boosting the price a little and posting about it. People like lordoflies aka lordofsuckingdick aka lordoflittledicks ( @lordoftruth, as if. / @jwolf.) dumped off their smoke en masse too, when it went above 0.1BTS, because that's the new ceiling. That's the new high. 0.1BTS, because it's only down from there, unless some moron decides to pay more for their smoke to make the price SEEM higher. Steem/Hive for now, are much better places to develop a game for. This place doesn't deserve it. You fucking losers don't deserve it. LOL. This community is fucking worthless.


Less than 10 actual people post here any given week. (More if you count the alts they have, but those aren't different people, just different accounts.) Some post multiple times a day and that makes it seem like more people, but it's really not. LOL. I was going to promote this place, but I'm thinking I'll just save that money to use to promote my new chain when it launches. It'll be more useful that way, because I'm almost certain any money I spend on promoting this place, will be wasted, since no on here is worth a fuck and there's no real reason for new people to even come. It's a circle-jerk, that's all this place has become.