Witness Ranking of VP Idleness

8 months ago


Hello Smokers!

So I was playing around with the smoked clone, giving it the ability to show the Current VP of users based on time passed since their last vote. Example: https://smoked.witness.pw/@trees

The Algebra of VP

Smoke VP recharges at 20% every 24 hours.
24 hours in a day x 60 minutes in an hour x 60 seconds in a minute = 86,400 seconds in a day.
86,400 / 20 = 4320 seconds per 1% increase.

So if we figure the seconds between now and their last vote, we can divide by 4320 and know how much their VP has increased in that time.

Idle VP Is the Devil's Workplace

Currently, on my smoked clone, I don't reduce the VP to 100% if they've been idle longer than needed to recharge. So if someone has a VP listed as 200%, that means that they've been fully charged and haven't voted for five days. (20% per day)
300% would mean they've been fully charged for 10 days without voting, and so on.
Any vote, even 0.01%, would have dropped them back to under 100% since the maximum is really 100% and anything above that is only a measure of idleness.

Anything under 100% means that they're recharging.

How the Witnesses Rank on VP Idleness

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that actively voting is necessarily a measure of a good witness. There could be reasons for not voting. This is one metric that I thought was interesting.

For Example:grow-op is managed by 3 people, https://smoke.io/witness-category/@grow-op/announcing-outreach-witness-grow-op so it makes sense if it's not going to be a voting account.

Personally, I get a little worried when I see 500% which would be 20 days of not voting and sitting with 100%VP. There's so much good content, I'm needing to restrain myself just to get a handle on my own VP. So in my own opinion, it's not good to be on top of this list.

WitnessVP %

Let me know if there's any flaws with how I'm calculating this out, or other comments/concerns.


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Cool post @trees. You’re right re: @grow-op, we never intended to use it as a voting account, we will be distributing the smoke among our respective accounts and I for one will be continuing to curate with it in that manner, it’s just going to take a while before we begin the power down process for that.


Yeah, it makes for the perfect example of more of a 'Service Account' that are not intended to be someone's personal account for engaging the community.
So definitely not trying to throw any shade your way, in fact, it sounds like you three have a very nice setup.

I'm about to research my own people off this list, if I do have any idles then I'll research deeper to find out why that may be. Even if a whale account was a witness and idle vp-wise they could still have reasons.

Funny you posted this today. Someone ram'd their car into a junction box that powered my entire area's cable internet. Well, That meant I didn't have any smoke keys to upvote or even use the website for a full day. :( My VP usually is at 60-70%. haha. Also, Any time i'm offline Techcoderx takes full watch over our network. So we always have at least one set of eyes on the Witness 24/7.


psh, well you're way in the safe zone my friend.
I'm wondering what's up with @roelandp, he doesn't even want his 300 smoke reward.
Should we call the authorities and have them check if he's ok?


perhaps Steemfest organisation activities?


For some reason when I think of "Steemfest organization activities" I envision a room full of people seperating out M&M's because haejin doesn't like the colors mixed.

Great work, @trees this issue of voting power has always been confusing to many but you made it very clear in this post and that is very great. Please keep it up.

I am actually interested in running a witness node. Where do I get started?

By the way I never knew about this over 100% system, smart move. And yeah, such a shame, so many good posts out there that deserve to be curated.


If you're linux savvy then you can be up and running in basically no-time.
(Note that step 12 on this docs.smoke.io page is incorrect, if you have the RPC at all then you would make it an IP you have, or to make it all ips on the machine.)
Make sure that you're using the latest 'smoked' https://github.com/smokenetwork/smoked/releases
Essentially you add your username and WIF to the config (which is probably why some people create accounts just for witnessing) and then start the smoked program.

Then you can use the smoke client to announce to the network that you're a witness. I definitely didn't have to do all those client steps. If you can get your private active key then you can skip to step 22 afaik.


Thanks for all the valuable info! I will get back to you if I need help!

Just seeing this.. but yea, as you can see (3rd from the bottom) I'm having a hard time managing my VP lol. It's even down further today. I was steady around 55-60% up until now where I'm closer to 35-40% LOL