Trees Witness Update

9 months ago


Trees Witness Update

Hello smokers!

Some minor updates for @trees witness.

  • RPC Enabled, API is up!?
    Point your scripts to and test out my RPC. A LetsEncrypt TLS certificate is used for security. Let me know if there are any concerns, comments, questions or suggestions. If I'm forgetting any plugins let me know.

  • Backup node added!
    This shouldn't be noticeable from the user side, but we do currently have a fallback node running. I thought it was wise to set a node up in a different geographic area for redundancy. This should also help uptime when running maintenance on either machine.

Originally I said I didn't want to campaign, but this is fun and I love the community. I would appreciate any vote cast for @trees at

Until next time,

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Voted for you as a witness. :)
Thanks for helping support the community! Glad to have you among us! :)

Peace and Love!

Voted for you. It's great to see an open and active witness such as yourself promoting the community. These are the things I look for in a witness.

It's nice of you dedicating your time on, continue to good job and keep having fun. You are supported