Trees Witness Introduction

3 years ago


Good Morning smokers!

I was excited about the launch of and started looking into running a witness, as this is a project that really speaks to one of my passions.

I already have a decent, stable server so I'm running it on that.

If anyone has any tips I'm all ears and always open to constructive criticism.

You can watch the server Live! At this link!

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Yay, I did a thing, Block # 104119

Wowzers! I applaud your bravery in taking on a witness role, and it sounds like you're in a good position to do so. May your chains always be block-shaped, and may the bandwidth fairies be kind. 😂

· was $0.99 for the first year :D "Heck yeah I'm buying that for exactly one year." Currently running smoked on a Kimsufi KS-4B - 16G i5-3570s 1x1TB Server in Canadialand, which is a part of OVH, so uptime and bandwidth should be a cinch. I keep it around mainly for my nextcloud instance and various shenanigans, so I'm not out anything if people decide they don't want me as a witness.
Thanks for the blessing! In the afterlife the NSA will weigh my heart against a harddrive, similar but non-copyright infringing to ancient Egyption beliefs.


Coolness - sounds like a win/win situation. And you're very welcome for the blessing.

Thanks in return for the visual that popped into my head. Not an exact representation (considering I spent about 5 minutes putting it together), but this made me giggle...


Nice watcher, welcome and glad to have you here ... you have my witness vote. thanks for upsmokin' my post earlier ;)
Everyone else, you can also go to to vote!

trees welcome on board, great having you here

GREAT for you being a witness!
While I am computer literate, this whole witness thing is one thing I do NOT understand. Looking forward to seeing your contributions to the platform.


I'm not certain I understand it yet myself. Life is a wonderful mystery.

Wow. Crazy ! I have never seen a server LOLOL I would never become a witness. No not my thing but good for you! Enjoy the block signing! (if that's what witnesses do..? :D)

Let's keep it smokin'! :)


I think I need to get voted up higher before I actually do much. Although if my machine helps at all with consensus then that's good enough, and should help if any of the higher people need to reboot their machines, maybe?
Glad you liked seeing it! I setup a program called 'gotty' which lets people watch it, seeing is believing.

If I understand correctly, you are running the witness server on secure physical hardware you control?


It's a rented dedicated server that I've had for a while now. Is this bad? Encryption in case the company decides to go rogue against me, although idk how having my copy of the blockchain would help anyone. I do believe a key is entered somewhere so that would be bad for me personally if the machine were compromised.


Oh, I think that is how most DPoS witnesses do things. Personally it makes me a bit nervous, but it's probably fine.

Encryption doesn't really work if the company has physical access to the machine, as they can just bypass everything. I'm not FUD-ing your witness or anything; again, this is how most witnesses do things I think.

I'm in no rush to cast my witness votes just yet but I will be watching the space and I will keep your witness in mind. Since witness is a position that is, in part, political in nature, it may be helpful to have a "platform." For instance, some people are against non-cannabis-related content; others are not. Making your views on such matters clear will help the people decide who to vote for.

Good luck!

· they can just bypass everything.

Not taken as FUD at all, thinking through security can be a fun game.
How do you mean? If they hook a monitor to it they could try to bruteforce the password to get to a tty yeah? If they power it down to do a recovery boot, then the files should be in an encrypted state. I guess they could open it up and try to read RAM, is that possible?
I figure my main threat from my hosting is if I don't pay my bill and they format it to rent to someone else.
The encryption is mostly for other things though, does the witness even really need to be worried about?

And hah, I didn't even necessarily tell people to vote for me, I'm not great at running campaigns, so this isn't one.

Thanks for sharing the link of the server LIve!! What do you think of what @devils-lettuce says down your comment about having only cannabis related topic on Smoke?
I think it might be the way to go !
Anyway congrats and good luck!


Whoops, I forgot to answer that bit. Obviously, smokers have lives outside of cannabis, and we can expect some members to not partake at all. I wouldn't expect every post to be about cannabis culture and would even find that a bore. To pick an extreme example though, if someone like haejin came on and started posting five times a day then I would consider that madness.
Some accounts concern me when they seem to simply want yet another place to spam their blog. As if the word 'smoke' was chosen at random, like 'tumblr.' While I probably wouldn't flag them, they also likely won't see my support.


Yeah I agree with what you said about obvious "circle jerking" to make quick buck and it's gonna be difficult to fight against it, don't get me started on the bot war, but I think there's an interesting paradigm shift that could happen if we have a successful platform for cannabis related topic.
There's a need for weed-education(Weeducation), and it's safer to find like-minded people from the comfort of your own home, I've never been a fan of the 420 meeting because it feels more like a honey-pot trap !

" I wouldn't expect every post to be about cannabis culture and would even find that a bore" I must be stuck-up and probably a little too elitist, i need to open myself up to people that don't consume weed, I realize that it's probably just a way to avoid confrontation :)

Anyway I still believe that what gathers us all here is the weed, so I am down if someone talks about "munchies food" or "music to mellow down" but it makes less sense if it's a post about "how to change a wheel on a bicycle", cause it could be posted on another platform that might be more receptive to it?


Personally, I like the idea of finding a balance between cannabis related posts, and other non-weed topics. Of course, that opinion is a bit self-serving, especially since I probably only have a half dozen or so "On Topic" entries I could do, then I'd be tapped out...LOL! It will definitely be interesting to see how this community develops. 💚