Made a SmokeD Clone

8 months ago

While was down this morning I started looking at what @chronocrypto put up on the github.

I haven't messed with much nodejs before, but started playing around with things!

What Have I Done?

I cloned up the following:

Includes TLS certificate for privacy.

Using @usernames works at the end,

Are there any differences?

YES! There is actually!
I run the API calls for the /@usernames to my own API, so hypothetically I'm reducing stress for I was not able to route the API for the front page, as it seems to need API options not available yet? not clear on that...

To check this, load a page such as while watching (the console of my smoked) You'll see the api calls, some of them failing but the important ones going through I suppose.

Note to @chronocrypto

Let me know if any of this irks you. I understand I mostly just copied what you put on the github with the one change of me putting it on my machine and pointing some of the API to my smoked witness. This is mostly meant to be a backup because I missed the site while It was down briefly.


You can use if it's up, but @chronocrypto did all the heavy lifting on this.

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Hey brother! nice looking out. I will contact you to see how to go about adding more API access.

As far as the load might create a restAPI to offset the load.


great, also put a suggestion on the github for giving Current voting power rather than what the voting power was after the last vote.

Nice. You can always change the UI a bit but always need more of these tools to put less stress on a main rpc.

Keep it up!


I'm terrible at making html look pretty. Most of the sites that I create myself are simple text with the occasional query box. Maybe a gif of Richard Stallman spinning on the 404 page.

Looking good @Trees!

This is awesome, good work @trees!

Note, the /@ pages seem to only show the first page? Wonder why that is. :/
Edit, So I thought about it and it's probably from the Missing APIs, which I tried to activate but maybe they're not available yet? idk, i'm not here because I know things.

Why invent the wheel when you can just copy it from @chronocrypto Lol
Platform looks dope btw. Oh and thanks for sharing First time seeing this one. Great find!


Actually this was a lot of fun, and like just now I wanted to have the Voting Power reflect Current Voting Power rather than what it was after the last vote.
So if you go to,
It should show a more accurate VP than if you go to,
Since time has passed and you gain 20% VP every 24 hours.


The % difference between now and the last vote can be represented in javascript as:
Math.round(((new Date().getTime()/1000)-(new Date(datau[0].last_vote_time).getTime()/1000))/43.20)/100