Shutting Down Toker Witness...Thank You For The Memories.

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last year

Some of you may have noticed @toker witness is down. The witness will be going down permanently .

Please remove your witness votes.

Why are you shutting down your witness?

There are a myriad of reasons. First is time. I haven't been posting very much lately. The move to the new house and an uptick in my PTSD symptoms has literally drained me. I am doing what I can to keep my medicine growing with a decent quality outcome.

My goal when I became a witness was to be active with the community. I don't want to be a block producer that sets up a witness and that is the extent of my contribution to the community. I've seen that happen on other Graphene social media platforms with early adopters. A witness is set up early in platform's life cycle, community votes are given, the person achieves a high witness ranking, and then disappears with no more contribution to the community. Community members then forget to remove their votes and now there is a high ranking witness with no contribution to the community. That is not me.

The second reason I am leaving ties in with my personal goals of wanting to be an witness. Have you looked at the witness voting list? The MAJORITY of the top 12 witnesses have not posted in months. There are approximately 3 or 4 that do post or actively curate. I am not sure what the other witnesses do. Are they active in development behind the scenes? I thought to myself, maybe. So I looked around in the Smoke Discord. There is barely any communication in there. It's crickets.

If the community is going to be complacent in holding their witness' accountable then the Smoke platform has already failed imo because true decentralization will never be achieved. It will be the same 12 or so witnesses in power without a balance of the ppl. At this point the structure of Smoke looks more like an Oligarchy rather than anything decentralized.

Lastly, is the development of the Smoke Platform. Where is the platform going? Is there anything in development? I have seen Smoketube being thrown around but even discussion of that idea takes some searching. Where are the updates from's founder? Why is dev chat dead in Smoke Discord?

In conclusion

Ultimately, my decision comes down to my personal active contribution I am able to make to the community and I don't feel I am able to provide that into the foreseeable future. I have done a decent job of keeping my witness going. It was down once since October of 2018 until I shut it down a few days ago. That took some work and I am honesty pretty proud of that stat. But running a stable witness is the bare minimum a witness can do. It's like being a burger flipper. Sure, you flip burgers fine but if that is all you contribute to your employer(aka community)...are you ever going to receive a promotion in the company? Probably, not.

The hardest part of being a witness has been keeping up and running. It took me about a week to code a working witness schedule and it takes more time to keep the site up then it does to run a witness. I was fine with that... One of my best memories is when I saw on the time has come that I no longer have the time to maintain it. I will try to keep it up until the domain expires but no promises.

The thing I will miss most is writing content. The average post took me a few hours to write but I don't have the time to dedicate hours to a post and I refuse to put out sub par posts. Just can't do it.

Ultimately, I wish the Smoke Platform much success and I implore the community to hold their witnesses accountable.

That is all... @toker out.

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Maybe You should come listen to the show tonight. I think we are getting together around 930! I understand it can be overwhelming at time<3dont giver up


I obviously missed the show. I will catch up with you later. Hope you are doing well.

Much love toker. Thanks for being an honest man. I once believed in smoke, but there is really nothing going on. Like you said the top witnesses do not want to do more to promote the platform. Its dead as fuck. Yes i could still post here and rep the rewards, but I am not in it for the money. So I have choose to stay focused on Steem.


You are definitely into community building.

Here's hoping you get on top of your PTSD again. 🤘


Thank you for your support in health.

I always enjoyed your posts, maybe you can give us a quick update from time to time?


I will definitely put this into my thought bucket. Thanks for enjoying my posts. That means a bunch.

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I agree with the questions you raise about's direction and it being more like an oligarchy rather than decentralised . I find it's similar with posting/voting on and other new blockchain social networks ; you can buy tokens and have instant influence/power , rather than earning them through people upvoting /curating your posts. So,if a few people own more tokens and therefor have more influence ,that's not decentralised .


Keep in mind people can only sell SMOKE, when there is also one who can buy it.


This chain, or steem, never promoted itself as a "fair mining" one.

We are a DPOS (delegated proof of stake) Protocol. Built around the Austrian model where those who have also hand out (while making a return).

It is rather poor form to complain that a protocol isn't what it never promoted it was.