Introducing Toker. A Community Witness And Cannabis Advocate

2 years ago

@toker is throwing on the swimming trunks and entering the witness pool.

I am very happy to finally make this witness announcement. I am sure some of you have seen the @toker name on the witness voting list and wondered why this announcement has not been made. I wanted to wait a few days after the witness set up to insure everything was running properly and I am happy to say things are running smoothly!

Who am I?
I am one of the earliest adopters of Steem and a witness on another Graphene Chain. I am a military veteran with a deep passion for the legalization of cannabis as a holistic alternative to prescription drugs. Ideally, I would like the plant to be completely legalized, but my main focus is on the legalization of cannabis as a natural alternative to the fraud that is the prescription drug market. I have a wife, two children, and a cat that loves me(most days!).

Cannabis is still illegal in my state, so for that reason I will be keeping my identity private. I do have a few witnesses on the Smoke Platform I can contact to verify my bonafides if this is a pressing issue to someone, but my future actions on the platform will speak for my sincerity.

I have been actively involved in the cryptocurrency space for about four years and more specifically Graphene Blockchains for a little over two. With the right mindset I truly believe the blockchain can give us all monetary, informational, and basic human rights freedoms we never thought were possible.

Why witness on

One word. Freedom. Cannabis classified as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States has always perplexed me. For someone to look at me as a veteran with PTSD and say with a straight face that cannabis has "no medicinal value" is appalling. I have personally(and know many others) had a drastic quality of life improvement by ditching the prescription medications and turning to cannabis as a natural alternative.

We have an opportunity to be heard as a collective voice and now we get to do it with the disruptive technology known as blockchain. I want to help our voice be heard by doing my part to build a strong community of tokers and supporters with skills and backgrounds that rival any Fortune 500 company out there. Additionally, by insuring a stable network with a properly running witness will help ensure the longevity of this platform.

What is a witness?

The Smoke blockchain contains all of the information we see on the platform including comments, posts, votes, and transfers. A witness runs a server that produces blocks for the chain containing this information. Witnesses are an integral part of the chain and without them this platform would not exist.

Witness Specifications
4x86 GHz Core
4GB Ram
100 GB NVMe SSD Disk

My plans on Smoke for the community

Community is my main focus. Every platform needs balance and a combination of technical and community witnesses is how we propel this platform forward. We have technical witnesses like @intelliguy, @chronocrypto, @blackman and @bbq-iguana . On the community side we have community witnesses like @powerpicswitness, @skylinebuds, and @beyondbitcoincas.


One of my main focuses on the platform will be keeping tabs on the Marijuana Revolution and educating others on how they can be involved in pushing forward one of the most important movements to happen in our lifetime. This can be through posts about what is happening in the news, how to get the attention of your local legislatures, and what to do if you encounter law enforcement while marijuana is in your possession.


We have many talented individuals on the platform and everyone has a unique story. Contests are a fun way to build community,gives members a chance to interact with one another, and build stronger relationships. The stronger our community is then the louder our collective voice will be.

Much Love

I appreciate each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this Witness Announcement. I am here for the long run and am very excited for what the future holds for and the toker community. We have an amazing opportunity before us to help propel society towards a better understanding of cannabis and impact basic human freedom in a positive way.

If you would like to cast a witness vote for @toker or any of the other witnesses mentioned, go to and vote. Your voice is an integral part of this platform and make it heard by voting for the witnesses that will help propel this platform forward in a positive manner.

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Good to have you!


Thanks @smokeyjay001. This will be a fun ride!

Congratulations on launching your witness node and for your service.


Thanks @moosemama. It it feels awesome to be apart of the marijuana revolution happening on the blockchain. Also, you are welcome. It was my pleasure to serve.

Good morning man, nice to see you here. You definitely got my vote!


Good Morning to you! Are you from the Eastern Hemisphere? Thank you for your vote and I will work hard to make this platform as awesome as it can be.

Welcome to smoke. Researching witnesses is still something I have to do. I am familiar with a couple on the list but not too many. Thanks for the reminder.

Nice, you have my vote brother.


Thanks @trees. That means a lot.