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8 months ago

Have you voted for your choices for witness yet?

Every account gets 30 witness votes. What is a witness? Some may ask a witness are and what do they do and why it is important to cast a vote for witnesses. Witnesses are users that has a server associated with their account. This server continuously runs watching the Smoke blockchain. The server bears witness to all the transactions and operations taking place on the chain, with consensus between the other witness server and itself, the server appends to a chain data file that is continuously updated with the latest block data. In layman's terms witnesses run the programming that keeps the smoke blockchain up and running.

A witness is also required to produce blocks for the Smoke block chain. When the Smoke block production algorithm chooses the witness to produce a block, it is up to the respective witness to solve the equation for the next block. You can think of this as the mining process similar to BitCoin or any other minable cryptocurrency. The Smoke blockchain uses a 3 second block time, this means the requested witness' node must deliver a result within the 3 seconds. If the witness' node does not solve the block equation, the witness will miss the block and the chain will move on to the next witness in line. Missing a block is not good but it does happen from time to time. I am not sure what my current count for missed blocks are but they are low. My witness has ran continuously since February with no crashes.


How we keep decentralized and why your vote is important

Having witnesses is what allows the Smoke blockchain to operate decentralized, although the Smoke chain is protected from falling below the minimum number of Smoke witnesses required to operate, it is still necessary to have multiple unique witnesses to prevent centralization or worse a chain take over. Witnesses are necessary and play a key role in the stability of the Smoke blockchain and in all reality are vital to a steady block production.

The Smoke blockchain software has an algorithm which selects the witness order of block production. This algorithm uses 19 of 20 of the top witnesses on the list and 1 backup witness. This also weighs in to account which position the witness is in within the list. So the top witnesses are called on to produce blocks more frequently, this is a really good reason to make sure the most reliable witnesses are voted into the top spots. Block production is not limited to just the top 20 witnesses, the algorithm will also pick outside the top witness list for a backup witness ranked lower than the top 20 for production. This lower ranking selection often happens as well when a top witness goes offline for any reason, server maintenance, network/power loss, didn't pay the VPS bill. I use a VPS that I paid for in advance for a year so I will only ever go down for maintenance and upgrades to the witness server. I also believe the most active witnesses are the best ones to be in the top 20 as we are not only witnesses but active users of the community. I hope you will consider voting for my witness you can vote here at this link -->https://smoke.io/~witnesses

These screenshot came from https://smoked.witness.pw/ you can check that witness nodes are running by putting the @username after the forward slash. @trees has created this tool for all of us to use.

My studio is nearly done

The electric will be turned on in my studio/office space on Wednesday and once that happens I will have time to focus more on front end things I have wanted to do. I plan to launch a smoke merchandise site soon. I also am looking into some other ideas and hoping I can find cost effective solutions. Cryptic I know but till I see if my idea is even feasible I don't want to give away too much detail.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that icky sticky green shit.


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Thanks for the update :)