Smoke witness update: block_log file available over HTTPS, backup witness and more!

2 years ago

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Long story...

When I just woke up this morning, I found out that my server for running #OneLoveDTube curation bot, uploader and Smoke witness went offline due to a fibre cut in the datacenter, and missed 110 blocks.

Since I was not provided with an ETA of when it will be back online, and I do not have a backup already set up at the moment, I figured that I set up another instance of Smoke witness software on @d00k13's IPFS node, which is the only server (other than the one that went down this morning) that I have access to that is capable of running a witness.

When it came to replaying the blockchain, I was looking to download the entire block_log file and replaying the downloaded chain to speed up the process. I was asking around for download links however no one was able to provide me with one. So I proceeded with the slower resync process, which takes more time than a replay. Luckily, Smoke blockchain is not as large as Steem, so it only took me about 20 minutes to sync the chain and get it to produce blocks again.

Making block_log available over HTTPS!

To help other witnesses to get their witnesses up quicker, I will be making the block_log file available for anyone to download over HTTPS.

It is available at

To download this file over the command line and replay the blockchain:

  1. If this is the first time running smoked, run ./smoked then CTRL+C (just like normal setup).
  2. Navigate to the generated block_log in witness_node_data_dir/blockchain directory, delete the block_log file generated. rm block_log
  3. Run wget block_log to download the file from our server.
  4. After downloading the file, navigate back to where your smoked binary belongs, then run ./smoked --replay-blockchain.

The --replay-blockchain argument will verify the integrity of the downloaded blockchain and will use the file to generate shared_memory.bin file quickly.

Backup witness

So I now have another instance of smoked running on @d00k13's IPFS node, effectively making it a backup witness node.

Backup witness specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 Quad Core 3.2 GHz
RAM: 16GB DDR3 (not sure about what frequency he is running at)
Storage: 128GB SSD (boot drive, applications and witness) + 2 TB HDD (for IPFS)

This server is running on his home fibre internet connection, and it has been running IPFS reliably over the past months. He is also running a GPU miner on this server (if I had not mistaken).

As of writing this post, block production is being done on the backup server even though the main witness is back online now as I've been told that it may go offline again because they may be running on a temporary internet connection.

#server #blockchain #backup

Want to support us?

Vote @graylan as SMOKE witness!
  1. Go to
  2. Find @graylan on the list and click on the button on the left of the username as shown below

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This will help to keep the smoke network more stable. Great work techcoderx.

Great job.

Lol don't save your master password in your web browser 😱

What a great resource. Thanks a bunch