Subways Witness Introduction

3 years ago

First, a bit of background

APRIL 7, 2017, was the day when I first signed up for the test net, it was an exciting time for us age old smokers, discussions around what the platform was to be, and what it would provide for the cannabis community was (and still is) a smoking hot topic. Fast forward to today and so much has been done, the main net is live, witnesses spun up quickly (46 so far) and chronic developers began bringing projects to life.

The Subways Witness

The Subways witness runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform and is currently based in Central US with an active failover to South Africa. Backups are taken daily and retained for 30 days. Tech specs are as follows;

  • Ubuntu Server 16.04
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 16GB Ram
  • 30Gb Premium SSD

The above specifications are lightweight, but they are currently sufficient for the nodes activity. Scaling in Azure is simple and the VPS will grow as the network requires it, the main goal being maximum uptime and stability.

7 Day Statistics

The Subways Witness is secure, from both an Azure perspective, and from a UFW and Ubuntu perspective, IP Spoofing, DDOS and general server Harding Techniques have all been applied.

My Goals as a Witness

  • Maximum Witness Up-time
  • Regular Reporting on chain and @subways witness activity (Formatted the hard way as Im still getting my head around C++, JSON and Graphene)
  • Community Awareness, participation and spreading the word about via every means possible.

Big thanks to @bbq-iguana for producing his witness guide and tirelessly helping out with getting a secure witness up, @jah.witness for introducing me to and especially @stoner for bringing to life.

Your Vote Counts!

It would really fire my bong if you would consider voting for the @subways witness here, go and make the RED HOT!! Your votes really count!

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Stay awesome, glad to see you're supporting the community

God Bless

APRIL 7, 2017, was the day when I first signed up for the test net

WOW!! I have been missing out on a lot here! I just joined maybe three weeks ago... DANG IT!

You're welcome man, glad the guide was helpful. Now go produce some blocks 😜

Good to see your witness intro post, i think i have known you from testnet. Good you are supporting the chain as a witness. Keep producing blocks

Welcome to the community. If you want you could answer the questions of @sammyswt here

all good @subways! Awesome to see you supporting the chain & community.

Good specs. Good reports. Voted.
Will be making a post tomorrow about voting for witnesses. Can all witnesses make sure witness thread is linked to at least their witness ann post, profile or website. Some are broken links or no link = no witness vote

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