Shutting down my Bitshares Main and Testnet nodes

in #witness
last year


I have to inform everyone that I'm shutting down all my Bitshares nodes as of today. Main network nodes will no longer be responding to requests, which served a few hundred users up until today.

The reason is that I'm no longer as active in development of the Bitshares network as I was up to a few months ago. When the UI worker lost support and I had to turn my attention to other sources I also had to decide what to do with my nodes. At that point I decided to make them run for as long as I was able to maintain them. Today came the date that I felt that I had to let these go.

It's been about 3 months now since the UI worker lost support, and with the latest development I can't say that I feel it going the way I was hoping for. I saw a bright future for the network just half a year ago with lots of cool things in the pipeline, and a UI in full development. I started involving myself in the network about 2 years ago and I feel sad that it came to an abrupt end like this.

Hoping to see some change again in the future

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Pretty bummed to hear that. Assuming that includes your smoke node too.

Was happy to see you here, but that’s life I guess? Unless... we’re reading more in this than it actually states? 👀


Not at all, will be supported and I'll have more possibility to do so when shutting down other, more maintenance required, items like Bitshares.

I'll keep supporting for sure!


Great news. Thanks for the update!

Does that mean you are no longer a Witness ?


Not at all, this means I'll have more time over for other things. Bitshares takes much more time than what it gives back at the moment, and I'm cutting down on things that needs attention.

I'll keep supporting!




I hope not

Fully understandable, refund400k is a major roadblock on bitshares & it doesn't make sense to maintain public bitshares nodes when it's taking too much without getting support in return.

Good thing you're now an active witness on the smoke network though, looking forwards to whatever smoke related projects you might think of pursuing 👍