Joining in as a Smoke Witness

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2 years ago


I go under the nickname of startail. Some may know me from other places, most recently as a developer on the Bitshares UI and also an active witness on Whaleshares.

I was also a Steemit witness for about a year and a half, before the chain grew to large to handle for a small witness just trying to support the chain.

Recently I've been looking on supporting the chain, and after the recent issue with lack of witnesses that halted the chain I decided to jump in and give my active support to it.

Why I support

I truly believe in freedom of speech and that places like these are an important place for just that, and that none should be able to suppress your thoughts.

Why support me?

I can right at the start confess that I will most likely not make much development or improvements for the chain itself as I have plenty of other projects. I will however, always make sure that my witness node is operational and responsive to questions within the witness group for swift action if required.

If you think that I'd be someone to support for these efforts I'd welcome a vote on me on the witness voting page.

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Congratulations 😊 Just voted for you as witness and will be supporting your posts with my vote 😄

Welcome onboard, voted you as witness

Done upvoted you. Welcome onboard!

New witnesses are always welcome. Welcome to smoke :D

Excellent glad to see a fellow supporter ❤️ Welcome to the fam 🖖

Voted! Glad to have you here👊

I can vouch that @startail has been a very reliable witness on whaleshares and makes a great addition to Smoke. Glad he has come aboard.

Thanks for supporting the smoke network 👍

Had my vote the moment I saw yea popup on the witness list 👌

Upvoted. Welcome aboard. Voted for your Witness too.

Welcome bud

Welcome on board!