Witness annoucement - Updated

3 years ago

Hi everyone, 

I am SmokeTerzai56, I am a SMOKE witness and crypto enthusiast from Europe.

I previously posted my witness announcement but felt like I needed to update it as I have learnt more from the platform and SMOKE community. 

As witnesses probably realized, I am a quiet person but I am learning a lot through the online chats.


At the moment I believe that SMOKE ecosystem needs to have strong and long lasting Block Producers as well as exposure in order to run and scale smoothy the network. For those reasons I have leased a server for the next 3 years dedicated to SMOKE blockchain and will use my GROW token to advertise Smoke.io and will keep ~50K SMOKE vested.

 Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit 
4x Intel E5/Gold vCPU 

Project Ideas / Initiatives 

  • Content production
  • Marketing contest (coming soon) 
  • Analytics + Data visualisation (project) ?

Content to be share on Twitter or Instagram

I have created this logo for Instagram and Twitter by blending some amazing pictures from  GreenDoorWest and Smoke logo. I hope you like it and if you do, please share them.

Instagram JPG (1080x894) Twitter GIF (1024x848) Twitter PNG (1024x848)

Don't forget to vote for my witness by going on the witness voting page and vote for @smoketerzai56

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Hadn't heard about you before, but i really enjoyed your introduction and your project so i will keep a look in your project and you got my upvote as well as vote for witness...you moved from position 25 to 23...enjoy and keep up the good work. Feel free also to participate on my contest to win 100 smoke :)


Thanks man, appreciated :)

Hi @smoketerzai56! I think its fine being a quiet person. Thats how I am in real life. But I find myself talking more online with others which is strange. Nice to see you leased a server for 3 years. That sounds like dedication for the Smoke ecosystem you have. I'm also running a witness and you got my vote!


Nice to meet you @mister-meeseeks. I really believe that Smoke at it's place in our time, so I like the idea of saying that I participated at my manner.

I like your post, and hope to make some blocks side by side.


Me too !

Welcome on board