🦖 Smokeasaurusrex - SMOKE Witness Introduction

3 years ago

Hello SMOKERS! I'm pleased to announce that as of September 24th, 2018 - Smokeasaurusrex has successfully updated from TestNet to SMOKE MainNet and we're running flawlessly!

🤨 Wtf is a Smokeasaurusrex??!

Well, my name is Rex, and *Smokeasaurusrex* is just a little wordplay I came up with for my screen name here on the **SMOKE** network. Whaddya think of it?

📢 The Smoking Crypto Dinosaur

I'm active in many crypto communities, and have a love affair with anything DPoS. I am a witness/block producer on two other chains, including Whaleshares.io, which I manage the social media programs for, alongside my compadre Candi. Our lives revolve around badass crypto projects, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

💪 Can you feel the power?

The server I'm currently running my witness on is a beast. With 12 cores, 24 threads and 32GB - This baby is built for the longhaul. The SMOKE network is about to expand quickly, and we've got the muscle it needs to grow with it.

👨‍💻 What I bring to the SMOKE circle

As a witness, I will also be an active community member, and intend to use my resources and experience as a community manager to spread the SMOKE word across all corners of the net. I'll be working closely with our friend @stoner, to help grow social media presence and awareness, and bring more users to our brand-new platform.

🌱 Let's Grow Together

Being an anarchist at heart, I want to see a future for my seedlings that's governed by the people. This is why I've devoted so much of my life and time to promoting and growing these platforms, and bringing my philosophy into them. As stated in the SMOKE whitepaper:

"We strongly believe Smoke Network has the power to transform the
online cannabis space through a dedicated team, a pioneering blockchain
technology (DPoS) and a strong global community of cannabis users
ready to embrace the freedom and principles outlined by the use of
blockchain technology."

The intention of the SMOKE network aligns perfectly with my vision and ideology of the direction which society needs to head, if we are to break away from the stronghold of government cartels and huge corporations controlling our lives. Platforms owned and run by the users, are prime examples of how we can achieve this on larger scales. The SMOKE network, and other similar platforms are so much more than just social platforms, they're the beginning of society learning how to govern themselves. The success of these platforms only shows that we do have the capabilities to do this, and I feel grateful to be a part of them and have the opportunity to contribute to that success. Let's grow together, as people, and as a community.

🗳 Your Vote COUNTS!

Are you pumped to be a part of a real democratic community - Where your vote matters?!
Then be sure to take a moment, and head over to the witness voting page, and cast a vote for @smokeasaurusrex and any other witnesses that you vibe with! This platform needs your input, and we need witnesses that are in it for the greater good of the community!

🙏 Thank you for your support!🙏

🦖 @smokeasaurusrex

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Awesome name and intro. Upvoted and resmoked!


Thanks for the kind words @lilweezy. Its appreciated😤

Done voted you as my witness.


Thank you! Glad you appreciate what we plan on bringing to the network!😤

Voted for post and witness, resmoked .. love it bro ! This platform has interactions that are BLOWING MY MIND. This could be the perfect blockchain. Amazing work my friend,


Thank you @bongripper427 we appreciate your support and with everyone's help will grow this great community😤

What's gooood!


Hey buddy! Great to see you here😤 Enjoy!

Hell yea sick intro! Yous got my vote.


Thanks! Respect!!!! We appreciate what youre doing as well! You have ours too!


I saw that😉 Glad you liked it!😤

Upvoted! Got me high..


Ah yeah! Thanks for your support. Enjoy the ride, we sure will!😤

upvote done



Hey Rex! Love how you believe in it so much and that hyped me up even more! I have already spread the words to all my pot-head friends. It's gonna be fun! (It already is but it will be even more :D)

This is exciting! and of course, you got my witness vote! Keep it smokin' :)


Thanks buddy! Exciting times we live in for sure! Happy to have you here.😤

Awesome. Will be joining that list soon!


Come join the party😤

Good stuff man. Nice job starting off with the 32Gig.


Thanks. It may be a little overkill to start, but we smokin for life😤

You are welcome, you got my vote. better days ahead with you here


We intend to spread the word far and wide😤

Hi @smokeasaurusrex great to have you here. You got my Vote, thanks for introducing yourself.
Maybe you wanna check out my newly post about User-Authority on Smoke Network as well.


Definitely will check that out. Thanks for the welcome! You have my vote☝️ as well😤

It is great to have you on board @smokesaurusrex, let us bring the dream a life.


Yeah buddy!!!! Blazing trails😤

Witness voted, upvoted, and resmoked. Peace.


Yeah buddy! Thank you muchly😤

Welcome aboard Rex!


Thank you kind sir! 😤