Over Due Update

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10 months ago

Been a Long while with no updates or photos but I am back... Maybe not as active as I was but I will be slowly posting again and active on your guy's post.

To start I have to say I have taken a nice break from a lot my online activities that included smoke and all social media. I have been checking out some other ways STILL to get the smoke name out and I have found one that is a NEW crypto project that I am going to start to make some post on about smoke. Maybe quite a few have heard of it. It is publish0x. I am not going to post much I don't think and I a going to focus on a post about smoke nothing else really.

Who knows if this is a good spot to post but for the small amount time it will take it is likely worth it who knows till we try right?

I know while I was gone stoner was working hard to get Instagram going and it seems that many of you are not likely that your post is being used to MAYBE push people over to smoke with YOUR awesome post. This is a great way to push traffic and If it is just an image of your post why not let him?

One more thing now that I am back I want to work on with stoner is the fact we need some updated art and the bitcointalk thread needs to get pumping daily and this is something that WE as A COMMUNITY can work on for FREE with just a few mins a day by stopping in and leaving a comment or even start a conversation on it to get it active again.

here is the thread if you want to go on over and get this active again https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3369349.860

I am going to use this account on bitcointalk for support and wait for the account to update the thread to show active mainnet and updated first post

To go along with this I am going to be working on getting the other cannabis crypto coins to smoke, This is something that YOU on Twitter can help with as well, Tag these coins and DM them to ask why they are not on the cannabis social blockchain.

I am going to hit up @canna-curate @maryjane @jackdub to help with this and anyone else that is active on Bitcointalk please help us out and make it not look inactive

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I gave up on Instagram ... but I will Promote Big Time to grass roots #growyourown Weed farmers and growers on Twitter.


I will use again but needed time away 😀

Good to have you back, mate!!


Thanks, Now to get some reviews and grow logs out

Well look who showed up to the SMOKE party..


Right, had to come back

Welcome back man 👍





A much needed time offline, Think everyone should do it once and a while

I'm not a big fan of bitcointalk


It is junk lol but we look inactive and we should not so we shoukd get active on it