Apologies and witness back up and running.

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11 months ago

My biggest apologies

I just want to start with my biggest apologies to the smoke team and community as well as the other witnesses. This has been a rough 2 months for me. I have been away from almost all online activity besides selling the crypto and the odd time trying to vote but that was few and far between.

I don't think I am going to talk publicly about why I have been away and absence as it is not the best thing for me to do. I have talked to a few people about it and I think that is all I need to do.

The hardest thing I had to do was dumping the smoke I had but I had reason to that I had to sell almost all my crypto, Well the only crypto I have left now Is the 60k smoke and 3k WLS I had to sell off the
crypto I was saving but that is life right. I think I will be asked time and time again why I dumped smoke and it was the hardest thing to do but I never lost hope n this community.

I setting up my smoke witness again and I plan to start to do what I can again to try to get the smoke name out but I have sat back and had a lot to think about with my feelings on some things like cross-posting and other things. But that will be talked about in another post. WIth the like of weed-cash I think we need to work with this group and community as it was clearly created by a smoke witness and used some ideas from smoke but I see no reason we can't work with them or at the very least use it as a place to push that smoke is a real blockchain and not some steem dapp.

Witness Back up and runnng

I Had to shut down my witnesses here on smoke as well as whaleshares about 2 months ago for my own reason and I would not have been able to maintain them. I have not gotten my smoke witness back up and running and I have hit a block or two and now show I am active on the witness list.

Weekly contest

I was starting a weekly contest that can be found here I was not able to go and end it so I sent the people who shared photos 25 smoke each and the judges 4.20 smoke. I am going to be getting this contest up and running in the next week.

That is my small update that and I hope I can help this community grow and help fellow stoners

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I'm happy your back! hey you don't have to say a thing. No one is having a great time in life and a lot of us need money. it is what we are here for! Are we not? To show people real world usage of the things that we earn! it's your right and I'm sorry you got shit going on. Most know I do too. We are all in our own little hells. You just gotta keep pushing through rest when needed and get back to things when you can. if not, you'll burn yourself out. no pun intended. Just remember, it's what we are here for. Showing our use, while scary at first is what we need the world to understand about crypto and blockchain blogging, vlogging etc.. glad to see ya back. I've had to slow down myself. not the best health but i keep plugging away at my own pace. much luv man


Thanks, life really can suck some times but it is how we get up and try again thay makes us who we are.

You are right on the selling it is what we all want to show is that when we need to we can cash out like a stock and use it to get the things we need done.

Hope you are doing better and we can get everyone active on smoke again.

Welcome back, glad to see your departure was temporary. Sometimes ya gotta dump, I gladly picked up some of that dump.

Re-added your witness to my list.


Thanks, Glad someone took the chance to buy and not just scream at me I was dumping haha


Instead of screaming maybe they should have done something productive and bought some.


I agree, People bitching and want me to buy back and pump and the ones that will dump next

Well, no need to apologize, i'm happy to see you back here and i will support everytime i see a good post from you so to sum up: Welcome back! 😊💚


Thanks, I plan to get my reviews and grow logs back as well and some awesome contest.

Good to have u back


Thanks glad to be back

Welcome back to action!

Personally I think the best thing we could do is get active price listings going again, coin market cap doesn’t show smoke when you search 🤦‍♂️ A active listing alone would make all the difference from an investor perspective!

Furthermore we need a smoketube... seen a PoC but did that project make it anywhere?


Yeah it is junk cmc list so many erc20 tokens that are scams but exchanges list them yet won't show rudex coins and it is an exchange that has been around for years


Essentially it’s just an exchange listing issue then? Can’t be that hard to get listed else where could it?


Smoketube will make smoke be epic, We would be able to show these pot head you tubers and weedtubers they can make money on all videos on just what you tube deems ok


Yea man I’m surprised it’s not a thing already! One way around it would be not listing your videos on YouTube, can still link where you like just will not be victim of the censorship due to not being openly published 😉

Sorry to hear of your woes. Hopefully everything is straightened out now and you can move on again with your life. Welcome back.


Thanks, Everything seems to be moving along again.

Don't worry about it man, if you've got the time curate and post 👍


Thanks, I hope to be as active as I once was and try to push new members again.