VOTE FOR ME!! - Witness Announcement

2 years ago


Well I guess the title late the good news out of the bag! I decided to run for witness. The question is why you may ask? Well, I believe social freedoms as well as alternative medicine. I think is a great platform but not just for people that are 420 friendly but bridging the gap in our society. Marijuana has always been given a bad rap for decades as depicted in movies as well as the mainstream media. It has never been seen for its medical side and I think education is key.

On October 17th 2018, Canada will country wide be legalizing marijuana. Of course this is a historical day for several reasons. Yes, you can buy it legally now but the main reason why this is important is freedom of choice.

So I know being a Witness is not all fun and games and I will not take my responsibility lightly. This platform has a lot of potential to educate as well as entertain. My plan is to promote as much as possible to the mainstream. Being a former youtuber and current steemian on steemit, I believe that my influence can have an impact. Also being a huge fan of cryptocurrency, I love how both world can collide to create something unique!

I look forward to speaking with all of you and making this platform HUGE!

Special Thanks Goes to @graylan! If it wasn't for him, this would have not been possible!



VOTE FOR WITNESS: @skinnystoned

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Hehehe @graylan is a nice guy no doubt, good to see you are finally up and running as a witness in this platform. You have my support good luck to you.


Thanks so much took a while but with great help...I was able to finally get things working!

I love seeing Canadians representing solid witness culture within the Smoke blockchain.


Thanks so much and thanks again for helping me set up! :)

you got my vote brother, any friend of @graylan is a friend of mine, best of luck to you


Thank you so much and [email protected] is a genuine guy for sure! Appreciated all his help!


for sure, he has spoken well of you too, so it's all working out nicely :)

I'll toss you one of my free votes!


Wow thanks JR! I know you are a legend around here and appreciate vote! :)

Nice one @skinnystoned, you're welcome among our witnesses and I believe your present here will impact the project forwardly. Keep the ash burning bud

Welcome @skinnystoned you have my vote :D

How do you know Robb and Mike?

My two fav actors of all time...

Great pic of you with Reveen.
Welcome to SMOKE from @canada !

Since the nice intro post and transparency, gets my witness vote. Welcome Canada folks :)