Witness Vote Proxy Transparency Report

last month

For those who have selected @relaylogix to be their witness vote proxy, here is the report of who you are voting for.

Rank-Witness Account


I have reached out to the disabled witnesses. @exnihilo.witness has responded and is in the midst of getting that node back online. There is currently a network issue keeping witnesses from being able to correctly connect to the RPC server and this will delay the efforts to restore these downed nodes.

@howhigh, @jah.witness and @herbncrytpo have yet to reach out to the community. As I hope everything is well for these witnesses, they have provided continued reliable service to the Smoke platform. However, I will have no choice but to remove the vote from these witness accounts if we do not get a response, I have to assume they have abandoned their witness.

With that said, there remains 5 open votes to be cast. If there is a witness you think I have left off, please post your comments below.

Until next time, Toe Toe Toke it...



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only my backup @onelovesmoke but it looks as if cannot open ports to make it open to connect too so its a waist of time anyways


I know @jrswab was working on a hotbox deployment for an RPC node. I would be willing to run one. I believe the server would handle it. We’ll see.


If it handles it I will run one too since we are using the same set up @relaylogix let me know how it works out.


@onelovesmoke has been added!

Thanks. Its a great idea and very helpfull for me since i voted you as a proxy 🙂💚