Witness Update [02.26.20]

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Witness Update


So as a lot of you know, there has been a lot of recent witness hiccups as well as witness drop outs. I'm sure some of this is due to the spam attacks on the network, while others may just be immature bickering, some I'm sure, see the fact that SMOKE isn't really worth all that much.

I particularly don't care how much SMOKE is worth, ya I'd like it to hit $1.00US, but that isn't why I joined Smoke to begin with. I joined Smoke so I could share my cannabis grows, and to learn new cannabis growing techniques. To share and be shared with, cannabis content, knowing I wouldn't be banned from the network for plant related content. I soon found a community that was more than just a joint, bowl, or bong. Highly intelligent, well spoken individuals from around the world, who care about cannabis in the way that I do. This is a true community of like minded individuals.

This is why I chose to invest my hard earned money into a server platform to support this community. I have purchased server space on a great platform that will help to keep this community running. With a guaranteed 99.9% up time, I can assure the community my witness will only be offline for routine server maintenance from time to time. This is a step I have been wanting to take, however, time/server constraints have delayed my entrance into the witness field until now.

As I have thrown my hat into this community, I am taking a bigger part, in my mind, than just contributing and curation. So for this you can expect to see my presence a bit more than in previous months. I will be putting forward thoughts for improvements, discovered bug reports, and if possible, I will try to get more community announcements on the state of Smoke. I feel as a community member, the community has been kind of left to guess whats going on with the network. As far as Rudex transfers, to the chain explorer being offline, things that affect the community, or will affect the community.

I set my witness up with @jrswab's HotBox. For the less Linux savvy individual, this is a very viable route to implement a witness node. All you need is the server space and a good network connection. The steps that @jrswab has laid out are very detailed and well curated. I can say that he and I walked through the steps when I set my witness up and discovered a few things to make it even easier to setup. I can not thank @jrswab enough for the work he has put into this network. Diligently creating a boxed alternative to the tedious command line input that is actually required to set up a witness. He has made becoming a witness for the Smoke network an achievable feat for any one of you reading this. If you are new to blockchain witnessing and want to give it a go for your community, please give the Hotbox try.

As with now being on the witness list, I will be monitoring the witness list frequently. I am offering my name @relaylogix to be used as a witness vote proxy. If i see disabled witnesses I will reach out to them for a community update. I will be reporting this to the community as it takes place. I don't want to be looked at as the witness enabled police, I just want to ensure we have the most dedicated witnesses recognized. So if the witness does not respond, I will unvote the witness. I will also take the witnesses previous service into consideration, but this will be reported to the community if that is the case. I will remain as transparent as possible with my witness votes, this you can be assured of if you choose to mark me your vote proxy.

This is a great time in the Smoke network! Cannabis is being legalized in more places everyday and this can only increase the use of this platform! Bringing new users, and user ideas. I can't wait to see what 2020 brings to the Smoke network.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope I can prove to be a truly viable witness...

Until next time, Toe Toe Toke it up!

Your Smoke Witness



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Yes.... 2020 is going to be a great year for Smoke.io and the Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp everywhere. Onwards and upwards the smoke rises.... Upsmoked and Resmoked

It's great to see you up and running, you've got my vote for Smoke Witness :)

Nice write up!

thanks for the positive input.