Witness Update [03.07.20]

24 days ago

Hello fellow Smokers! Posting an update on my witness.

I did manage to complete my server maintenance during the last front end outage. I upgraded the server in a few different ways to better ensure its security and reliability. I had the opportunity to implement @jrswab's latest Hotbox release... The setup went without a hitch. Total witness setup in under an hour, even for those of you who really don't understand whats going on with the computer stuff in the background, this is your way of becoming a witness!

I know in the beginning, I didn't really know what a witness exactly was. Just that we as a blockchain community needed witnesses to keep the chain going. For those of you who aren't quite sure what it really is, think of it as running a mining rig for SMOKE. That's right, if your witness is the generator of the hash, you get paid the miner fee in SMOKE. Though not much, this can be a nice little penny-stacker, and you are helping this platform by showing a want, an interest in its succession.

If you are taking the time to read this post, I would assume you are quite pleased with the content that this platform offers. After all, you're here, possibly again... What better way to get more involved in this community than to become a SMOKE witness!

Since starting up my witness I have begun to start scripting up some tools to work with the SMOKE networks blockchain. These are some rudimentary scripts that allow for me to interact with the SMOKE chains to pull back some, in my mind, useful data.

I like the drive of trying to get something to work just right. I can thank becoming a witness for this renewed interest in the computer programming sector. I got my start many moons ago with BASIC, in today's day in age I have graduated to programming machinery with different flavors of PLC logic. So what better reason to develop, than for the platform I love!

So far the script can bring back all of a specific users makeup on the network. Similar to what you see on the SMOKE User Explorer. It can also pull back a specified number of accounts in alphabetical order that begin with a specified set of letters/numbers. It also pulls the current SMOKE user account count and total witness count. I also wrote a little script that will randomly pick a SMOKE user. I plan on using this feature to run some contests here on smoke, one of which I will announce further down in this post, for those of you that are still with me...

One thing that I find ironic, years ago I began on a green screen, after all the advancements in technology, my script works best as just text...

Here's a look at the interface...






I would like to look into ways for this application as it is developed to be readily and freely available to any SMOKE users that would like to bash the SMOKE RPC. Even if I have to write it in a different language as well to make it available to be run in the Windows command line. Future plans...

As I mentioned before, I am announcing a contest today. I am going to construct a list weekly of active user accounts. Accounts which post at least once in the previous week are considered active to me. Posting is easy, we have roughly a 3 hour average of post intervals. I want to encourage this community to decrease this number! What are you smoking? Post it! What are you growing? Post about it! Even if it is just hypothetically, wink wink... Let's make this platform the forefront of all talk cannabis.

At 10PM CST I will randomly pull 5 user accounts from the prior weeks active users. If your name is drawn I will send you 4.20 SMOKE! Just for posting once in that prior week. Good luck all you smokers!

For those of you old and new alike, have you checked your witness votes? Who are you voting for? I encourage you to take a look at the witnesses you have voted. A lot of the witnesses have disabled, however they are still in our top 50. Let's as a community get behind those witnesses who are running such as @onelovesmoke, @bud-wizzard. If you don't want to even bother with the witness voting, that is fine. You can also vote just once for a vote proxy, and have your votes set to the same as the proxy you choose. As the proxy updates the votes for the active witnesses, you are assured your vote is going to someone that is actively supporting this fine community we love so. I offer my account name @relaylogix to be used as your proxy, and ensure you I am very active in this platform. My votes are very carefully cast.

With that being said, for those of you who have already voted me as your proxy, here is the vote report...


I have removed my vote from @herbncrypto as they have been disabled for sometime now with no response what so ever. I have also removed @jah.witness for the same reasons. @howhigh is also been disabled for far to long with no interaction with the community. I urge all SMOKE users to unvote these witnesses as they no longer are supporting the community. With that I also ask for your vote for witness. If you haven't yet, click that button next to my name on the witness voting page.

If there are any witnesses you know about that I have not voted for, let me know, I have 7 more votes to cast! Are you a new witness? Let me know! I will vote for you, this will bring all my proxy votes to your witness as well!

Well smokers, until next time, Toe Toe Toke it up....



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Contest will be on Friday’s!


I like that account picker 👌

Assume this will be open for others to use?Suggestion for command pick random comment from post?


I think that idea is great. I will work it into the interface. Yes, once stable, I will release the code! Open Source!


Excellent 👌