Looking For Testers [kief-tools v0.0.1]

2 months ago


Introducing kief-tools v0.0.1 To The Smoke Community

As many of you know, I have been working on a Smoke RPC interface. If you have followed any of my recent posts you have probably seen some of the results from this interface showcased in a few posts, along with comments made by myself in the community and on our Smoke.io discord server.

I am pleased to announce, this tool is now available to anyone who would like to utilize it. I have created a github for the tool that also includes a wiki to help on setup/installation. I have tried to make the wiki self reliant, including step by step instructions for the acquisition of, and installation on your Linux system.

I am also pleased to announce, you DO NOT need to be a witness to utilize this tool. kief-tools is an independent shell executable that interacts with the already running Smoke.io RPC server. The only requirements are access to a Linux terminal with installation credentials, an internet connection, and the ability to follow step by step instructions laid out in the wiki.

Being this is the initial release of this tool, I expect some oddities to be found. I will be running a bounty for bugs in the ways of some liquid Smoke! I would like to have a few debuggers running the tool, ideally on differentiating system setups, to find bugs, comment on functionality, make feature requests to improve the tool etc.

For those of you who would like to view the code for this project, you can view all source code on the github page for kief-tools. I encourage you to read through it!

kief-tools v0.0.1


1. Unlimited Manual User Tracking Files

2. Random Account From Manual User Tracking File

3. Total SMOKE Accounts On The Network

4. Total Registered SMOKE Witnesses Count

5. Top Active Witness Report

6. Missed Block Query For SMOKE Witnesses

7. Current Hard Fork Version

8. Pulls Comments From Permlink And Randomly Picks 1 Comment

A lot of these interactions are elementary, however it was nice to write the code to make them happen. There are already updates in the works, currently I am working on the Witness Missed Block Report. As opposed to the Witness Missed Block Query, this command will bring back all top witnesses, missed blocks, start date, votes, rank and organize it into a copyable formatted table for copy-paste into your posts.

I want to take the voodoo magic out of blockchain interactions. Allow ALL users to access the full functionality of the chain itself. I believe this will bring more interaction in the way of contests, and update posts.

Here is a look at the interface as it sits so far. Simple command selection, verbose parameter requests.


I hope I can get a few debuggers out there!

Here are the important links to everything kief-tools.

Main Github Page
Main Wiki

Thanks again for your time, and I hope to see some of you sending in requests!

On another front: Have you checked your witness votes recently? Please update you votes periodically as the network depends on your selections! If you haven't please vote for @relaylogix to be one of your Smoke chain witnesses.

Until next time toe toe toke it up!



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Great work :)


Thank you. Can’t wait to release more functionality.