IMPORTANT Witness Update!

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2 years ago

@powerpicswitness is Shutting Down

This morning I have disabled and powered down my powerpicswitness witness node and ask that anyone who has a vote in for me to please login and remove it to make sure other active witnesses have a chance to fill in my space and maintain the stability of the Smoke blockchain.


My initial role as a witness was to help ensure a stable and successful launch of the blockchain from early BETA through to Mainnet. As Smoke is approaching it's 1 year Mainnet anniversary and a larger field of users who are active in the Cannabis industry have stepped up to take part in running nodes, I know the chain is in good hands and I can pass the torch on to others.

Power Down and Transfer

Just to be clear, I am not leaving or abandoning any efforts to help grow the platform. I have started a power down of my witness account and will transfer the funds to my main @powerpics account where it can be put to better use backing my reward token.

CANNABIT Reward Token

My reward token will continue to run as normal backed my my main @powerpics account stake. If you have CANNABIT tokens you can continue to use them and over time will get a slightly larger reward as I power down my witness account and transfer the stake over to that account.

If you are not sure what CANNABIT tokens are or need to know how to use them, check out this post:

Thank you for your support!


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Gutted. Can you recommend witnesses from other chains to compete for your role? 👍

Sucks to hear but thanks for your services so far! Although I'm not a big fan of tokens I hope to see you curating deserving content on the chain!