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10 months ago

Hello Smokers
Have you ever been in a relationship with a fellow stoner? I once had a stoner girlfriend while I was in school and that was like the best experience ever. We had less to fight about we just need to smoke weed and be happy! Things had been rough for the both of us considering the fact that after we have finished a five years course in computer science we had no single Job but we always have a way of getting over our issues by smoking one or two joints together. The trip, the sex, the whole experience isn’t what I can write about.

I have dated two girls after our breakup but I still miss sharing a spiff with her. Studies suggests that couples who partake in cannabis together are less inclined to encounter partner violence and may even experience more contentment during the relationship.

For a large amount of us, cannabis is much more than just another smoke session. It is not only a hobby it is more than a lifestyle. Being in a relation with someone that doesn’t smoke marijuana is a big challenge. He or she will either advice you to reduce your use of pot or quit smoking entirely. As insignificant as it may seem it isn’t to those who love POT. Someone like me it has been very difficult for me. Everyone I meet here in Nigeria doesn’t smoke as much as I do and they end up trying to change me. No matter how matched you are with your significant other not been able to agree on cannabis consumption can be a significant issue.

Fortunately, this isn’t a big issue anymore. There are dating apps mainly devoted to linking marijuana users to smoking mavens. They work like other dating sites, like tinder and instant messenger. For those like me who love to have relationship with cannabis users most time then this good news is for you. It is for those who want to stay away from the cannabis closet. Come out of the cannabis closet!

The cannabis business still new and growing, but there are plentiful opportunity including the likelihood to meet like-minded cannabis use by just swiping. Some of the 420 dating sites consist of:

High There:this is the highest user base of cannabis dating app and it is absolutely free.

420 singles 420 Singles is cool to use and mostly unrestricted in terms of fee, you can start by choosing either the app or desktop versions, because they're separate.

420 mate:This site isn’t totally free, but does feature some matchmaking tools.
• First 65 credits: Free
• 77 credits: $4.99
• 420 credits: $10.99
• 1500 credits : $29.99

passingrass.com; this is also a free 420 dating site.

If you wish to start socializing, but choose to not deter your association to cannabis, think about joining a cannabis dating site in contrast to usual dating sites. These sites and apps are ideal for those looking for love, yet can be an incredible way to meet new stoner buddies, as well.

Do you know other dating site also? Let me know in the comment section below.

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This not more than an easy rewrite, not telling much about the actual apps, from Leafly’s post of cannabis dating apps. Of the tens and tens out there you just stuck to the three leafly mentioned. I think you can do better. And I will keep pushing you after your former “fail”. That fail requires no “calm down”. You are a CEO you say, I expect CEOs to lead by example from the front.

Consider it a bonus that I actually invest the time to react.


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I didn't even know anything about leafly post. I hate all this unnecessary accusations. I have been on those platforms for over six months or so. how did my post relates to leafly?

Cannabis dating apps are more than 3 but i only mentioned the ones that I know of and I have used.

What former fail are you referring to again?

If you have a problem with me just tell me you taking this out of proportion and am really sad about this. I don't have a problem with anyone here if you have a problem with me let me know.

I don't see this as correction. You should have just asked and wait for me to answer but you jumped into conclusion that I was trying to get additional eyeballs. From who?

I just checked the leafly post now. I mentioned four different dating site. This are site that are popular even in Nigeria. You cannot just keep assuming for me and expect me to be happy about it. I don't consider this as a bonus I consider this as an attack that is uncalled for.

I didn't do anything to deserve this. Thia are just the sites that I know of. I wrote about my personal experience but you decided to paint me as something that I am not. I put in a lot hard work for smoke but you just come in attacking me anyhow. Is it because am a Nigerian?

If I decided not to give details about the app it is my own decision. If you not okay with my work for smoke please mute me. We are all free to write what we want to. I wrote my personal experience. I can also show you my registration dates on those applications. If you know ten different cannabis dating app go ahead and write about it.


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Please if you don't like my post kindly use the mute button. Stop jumping into stuffs you don't know of.

Firstly, you accused with the easy rewrite from leafly which I don't even know of. I mentioned four cannabis dating site leafly mentioned just three which are not even the same with mine.

I only mentioned the dating app that I use here in Nigeria.

Get over yourself bro.


I don’t mute. Based on history it just means I check a post or not.

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You had a predominant thought that I wanted to get more visibility that was why I used the witness tag and to be sincere my PC was hanging when I was trying to post maybe that was when the whole witness tag cane from.

You should have asked and wait for me to answer but you asked and then jump into conclusions.

You latter on said my post was a easy rewrite from leafly which isn't true. I don't even know any authors on leafly wrote anything related to this. This apps are the most popular in Nigeria in regards to cannabis dating app. I know many of them but I only mentioned four.

You went ahead to bring in a post from my previous account which I have apologized already and then I was new to writing but you just kept bringing issues that happened long ago to hurt me. But am not moved a bit.

Keep hating on me as much as you can I will keep doing what I Can do in regards to smoke.io platform.

Please this should be enough if I wrong you in anyway am sorry and if you hate me for no good reasons also it is left with you.

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