Nathansternx witness just went live!

2 years ago

What's up stoners!

This post is a short introduction about myself and my previous engagement with @stoner - our awesome leader!
Below you can see a screenshot from the explorer which is showing all currently live witnesses.

About me

I am a very experimental person that likes to try out new things. Didn't take long for me to try out weed. The first time I smoked I felt..nothing! The second time...nothing! If my friend wouldn't convinced me to try it again, I would never have the biggest, longest laughter of my entire life!
I'm sure most of you remember your first time - it's just the best time.
While I had times where I certainly pushed my limits too far, I now found stability in my life.
Smoking a joint once in a while hurts nobody, seriously. There is nothing more chill than going out on a sunny day and smoking one with your buds. On the other side, smoking is not everything. I'm also very passionate about technology and security in specific. Currently learning tons about reverse engineering malware which teaches you to understand how computer viruses actually work - instruction by instruction.

My engagement with 420smokers

So initially a friend, @stoner and me launched 420smokers which is a news site containing guides, reviews and latest news. 420smokers is growing every month and I'm proud to be in the team and of course to be an advisor/witness for

Vote for growth

Do me and the community a favor and vote for nathansternx here Block producer / Witness page. Simply hit the next to my name. Thanks!

Shoutout to @smokinghotnish & @bbq-iguana for helping me out with the witness.

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Awesome to see another member coming forward as a witness.
Are any of your plans as a witness to bring to this platform things from the 420smokers' site?

Or... any special projects planned for the future to support advancement of other SMOKE members?


We might advertise on 420smokers but there is nothing official yet.

Currently I'm working on a duplicate content detection bot which detects if people are just spamming the platform using other people's content. This will help getting new people onboard since really no one likes spammers.

In future, outreach to almost any weed related community is possible. I was especially thinking of younger people since they already tend to use social media (Facebook, Instagram...) more.


duplicate content detection bot which detects if people are just spamming the platform using other people's content. This will help getting new people onboard since really no one likes spammers.


I did use some of my older posts from another platform onto SMOKE- but specifically stated ALL images and post information were my own and linked back to the post from the other site.

I get so tired of plagiarism and other variations of theft. Good to know witnesses will be on the look-out for this.

Weedstagram... that could be something!

Thank you for supporting the community being a witness @nathansternx
Just voted you for witness and hope you can support through your project 420smokers :)


Thanks for your vote!

I just voted you man! Good luck!

Hey Nathan! It's great to have a founding partner of 420smokers and smoke actively supporting the Smoke Community and chain.

I am hoping we can guide the users through these first weeks and months as they come aboard to create a solid platform with content the larger Cannabis industry (recreational and medical) will take notice of.

It's been exciting to watch this come to life, from idea... to early pitch... community outreach... Jonathan joining us in the WhaleTank... early beta... marketing... and now here it is.

I'm here to help as needed, and you have my support as well.


Yeah was really fascinating how he pushed through and created a community just from an idea..and this is just the start!

Thanks, I'll send you a PM soon.

Glad you managed to sort your witness. Already voted for you :)

After voting for you on the witness page the up arrow remained green. Not sure if that's supposed to happen or not.


Yep, when it is green that means your vote was successful :-)


Welcome to the community. You have our vote for sure! 😤


Aww thanks!!


Yeah man

Hi @nathansternx great to have you here and the whole smokers420 project. You definitely got my Vote!
Maybe you wanna check out my newly post about User-Authority on Smoke Network as well.


Hey man. Thanks for that! I will check it out tonight. It's 06:05 here lol

Congrats! Will be seeing you up there soon!!! 😉

Bookmarked! One of the best real time blockexplorers I've come across. Amazed how fast it is.

Same here, very experimental. First thing I tried was not smoking but eating LOLOL! - is cool and seems very helpful!

Oh! You got my witness vote. :)

i just upvoted you plezz support me

You got my witness vote brother

just voted you :) i hope it will help u a lot !

Happy to see you here. you have our vote for sure

It's awesome having you here to move smoke greater, I just followed and voted you for witness

Happy to see you here, i think this early stage is the right time to set thing right in this community so we won't go off track from what the development team had in mind. Lets work as a team I believe in you and everyone supporting this chain, keep the good work lets high together

hey Nathan, I guess you don't really me owe me a reason for the flag, not really... but in the off chance that you feel like answering what happened there, that would be appreciated.

Best of luck with the witness...

Appreciate your help the other day setting up. It's cool to see a positive culture forming in the witness ranks.

Voted on the witness, post, resmoked and followed ! Loving it my friend, keep up the amazing work and keep smoking !

Voted for you.
As I am creating curating community I would like to see bots that work through Discord. That would be fantastic, so that people can get my upvote with bot command like $upvote
Keep up the good work never the less

I just got here last night and I am thrilled to be here! I am so happy to see all of these po eopke come together for a great purpose. I just voted for your witness, my first on here.

I know this community will succeed if we all support one another. I dont know how many upvotes I wasted on whales on Steemit that were never acknowledged or returned.