[Witness Update] Rational explanation to stakeholders

2 years ago

Let's roll a joint first!

It's been a wild week with work and life, but finally managed to wake up and see #Sunday... a day when I shouldn't be doing anything (even i always do...)!

In that light of events, lets light a joint for a good morning!

@indica, @stoner, @officialfuzzy and rest of the stakeholders

As any other employee within organization, one of the bosses (main stakeholders) had a worrying question few days ago as a comment to my comeback post. He was not the first one... I felt responsibility to explain in more details to all stakeholders current position and past activity on Smoke.io

Here it goes...

Indica recently commented on my #update witness post, asking me why I've abandoned witness position...
Looking at smoke.io RPC node added from me, that development from end of February on native gateway, and that explanation that I'm doing infrastructure movement, and when I say infrastructure movement, I don't mean like rest of the network 2-3 servers.... it doesn't make me look like I've abandoned anything at all.

Infra I've been mentioning above ->> mean something more like this:

It takes time to plan, schedule, execute and deploy network of that size + my private + company servers, so yeah I'll not be around posting, being creative or chatty people, but


Proof my activity in witness telegram group and also @stoner can confirm numerous chats about network and development if anyone wants to reach him out:




P.S. Even spent time around trying to help others, regardless of my status on being disabled/unactive witness at the time.

So, please, read the post carefully and don't trip that I ever abandoned Smoke or my role around it. I'm just a type of a guy who does work behind CLOSED DOORS, until there is something worth of mention.

Please, be keen and vote me back in if you find this explanation sufficient. I can't do more for the network that I'm already doing, and that's the reality.


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You will get my vote back when I get back to my active keys... As you know I been away this week visiting cannabis farms around South Africa.

Keep up the good work bro. (I can confirm Digital Lucifer has been extremely active & helpful in the telegram witness channel as well as been working on smoke Bitshares cross chain development for a native gateway. Digital Lucifer is committed to Smoke and Bitshares and in it for the long term vision)

For sure, i know what you mean, sometimes the quieter the witness the better because it means they are busy working!