[Witness Update] Absence, work being done and goodies with a comeback :)

2 years ago

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Absence? Loss of self.

Stoners, Whalers, Steemians, Smokers and all other species running around these waters - I'm back. I had a bit of a nasty 4+ weeks @ work, plus entire #BitShares infrastructure is being moved/redone and its kinda very challenging process... shit happens.

I'll be getting more organized and posting regular updates here every Sat/Sun just to keep in touch so people don't ever again get idea I'm dropping the #network or that something is wrong with smoke.io

Witness back online and producing blocks

New Public #API (no rate limit)



Native #Smoke.io Gateway on BitShares is being cooked

And a lot more coming...


Smoke.io is far from "dead". Maybe there is not much activity, maybe it's not looking good at the times, but nobody is going anywhere. CMC and markets will come along, patience is all we need.

Until next Saturday,

Don't panic, it's organic :)


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Testimonial: I for one can vouch that @murda-ra never actually went away, is quite dedicated to this Graphene-based platform/project of smoke.io ... which says a lot if you dig about a bit and see @murda-ra is actually VERY selective about project choices to commit his time. We are lucky, all I'm sayin' :]
Look forwards to the goodies to come ... !


Quite true... Steem was the first Graphene I've joined, but it was already beyond the point of 'helping it grow'. I've actually hoped in for a fall of it, not during rise.

BitShares and Smoke are currently only 2 Graphene chains i'm seriously attending and spending my time around, regardless of what people can see or say... KPIs are there for both :)

Many many thanks for support!


P.S. You should be spinning up a witness, not many of us are left... It would be nice seeing that we have 0 disabled witnesses in top 50, but... it gonna take time


Yes! I am very close to having my witness ready in fact .... glad you mentioned it!

Glad you are back up and running :-)


Glad to be back :) Getting it back to block production... same as I was a newbie stuck in loop of 100 tutorials! Luckily @roelandp shad a light on step i was doing wrong and here we are :D


Why did you abandon your witness role without an update? :/



More detailed and better visible/readable reply :) You're not the only one being worried and asking over the past 6 weeks, so I did a bit more touch to reasonable explanation that I never abandoned anything :)



Your witness role was disabled though for several weeks, no?


5 weeks was disabled exactly. Can mean technical/private issues, not abandoning the network. Especially with being active in both Witness and Smoke Network groups over the mentioned period.

You've been granted 2 articles with very detailed specifics why I was disabled, and that I never "abandoned" the network as your original comment was saying. If there are some other issues, please be more specific, otherwise please give those articles a better look.