[Smoke-network] Version 0.0.0 bug - GitHub fix and PR Submitted

2 years ago

Are you running latest release 0.0.6 but your smoked is showing 0.0.0 on startup ?


Stoners as block producers and #API owners on the #network? Yeah, can manage :)

As Block Producers/Witnesses are obligated to maintain Consensus and rely on their own version that is running, being #stoned is not helping when #version being shown is wrong :) At least I had recent events with version issues having 7 folders/instances of smoked around my node and was stoned as fu*k! It took me about 7 hours to unwrap which one was the first original one, and only what was helpful was my foggy memory of timestamps on them :)

To cut to the chase: If @stoner approves my small Pull Request on GitHub, chain version will be updated and match release version (as on screenshot below).


Will personally tend to check on each release that version is maintained in the future.

WARNING: You will have to recompile your Smoked if you want to see updated version when running node (after PR being approved). If not, it is completely ok. This update/fix is NOT MANDATORY and as such it allows you to skip and wait until release 0.0.7 (My name is Bond... "Smoked Bond")


Happy Smoking!!!

Smoked Bond is fictional release and has nothing to do with real future release of Smoke-Network.


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Beautiful ... the master ... as always, your humble student :)

Thank you Bond, Smoked Bond.