Quick Witness Update [EDITED]

in #witness
2 years ago


About 2 days ago, my witness started missing blocks without any notification anywhere + got disabled.

I've managed today to update the witness, but for some reason I couldn't get it back active.

a) new keys
b) update_witness
c) build new smoked from source and resynced

on start of a witness node, no error, starting block producing for one account "murda-ra" and thats it




Hold on to removal of your votes for now, I'm waiting few colleagues to wake up and see if they can help.

As far as I'm concerned, im not going anywhere.

In the meantime feel free to test and post some feedback on RPC node and its behaviour.

Ill have domain and SSL with websocket wrapped by end of today.

RPC Smoked:

UPDATE: Witness is enabled and back online



Thanks for support and patience!


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I dropped you a message on TG when i noticed your witness was disabled. Knew you weren't going anywhere, you have been an active and helpful witness since testnet.

Thanks DL for the update. . .

Please keep me/baabeetaa updated if you find anything in the CLI that needs fixing.


Nah, cli_wallet was human error - mine to be more correct. I did new install and missing wallet.json, so entire setup from 0. Once I've initiated import from password, I was using wrong original pass for my account and in return was getting crazy wrong keys :)

The funny part - witness_node/smoked was starting even when in config.ini was wrong key entered, it kept me running arounds smoked instead of focusing on my imported keys more :)

explorer saved me the efforts in the end by showing that my account makes no activity when I'm operating from cli_wallet :)

Didn’t think you were going anyway. Was highly surprising but considering whose witness it was... there had to be more to it than just a quiet exit. Things like life or failed redundancy systems.

Happens, mate. Glad to read this update. 🦇


Much appreciated!

UPDATE: I have found out that actually my cli_wallet update_witness is not updating data for my account... I've replaced url for witness to be this one, but I can't see the update on the chain ( https://smoke.io/~witnesses )

Possibly whole drama is lying around cli_wallet then.

More updates coming soon

Glad you managed to be back. For me , you are an important witness and I know you are not going away without leaving a note to the community. Cheer- up and welcome back!

Witness back online :) Thanks everyone for support!


Dank je voor dat goed nieuws.

Glad to see you back producing blocks 🙌😃