Our Goal as a Witness @moonblocks

2 years ago

Hello Smokers!

We would like to take the time to introduce ourselves @moonblocks. We are a pair of crypto entrepreneurs that happen to enjoy smoking some cannabis too.

Run by @heaterville and @bitcoinparadise.

You can find @heaterville on Steem. He is a music engineer and producer and is all about his cannabis. You can vibe out and smoke to his tracks or he may even post a 420 friendly song on Smoke every now and then.

You can also find @bitcoinparadise on Steem. He runs a witness, dabs in a little development, and has been/is a part of various projects and communities.

So what do we plan to do for Smoke.io?

We have many plans but more will be revealed as the platform grows. Our first initiative and focus are like many others, community building. Any social media type platform and crypto need a community behind it and using it. So we plan to bring our experience from Steem, Golos, Scorum, and other platforms that are not even blockchain-based and create almost a "social mesh network" to cross-promote, create growth, expand online social presence, and essentially "tokenizing" the web. @moonblocks will be a part of a project known as Smart Media Group.

SMG's goal is to support media content of all types and platforms. It is a decentralized movement to come together collectively between communities and further the applications of Blockchain Technology. So we are not reliant on ONE platform.

Another key factor when launching any coin is distribution. The more distributed a coin is, the more chances of success it will have.


  • Curation Group/Trail
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Onboard of new users
  • User Retention
  • Contests
  • Content Production

Support for our witness!!! https://smoke.io/~witnesses

Follow the link above and look for moonblocks and click the upvote button!

A lot of these initiatives will be coordinated from our Discord server. Everyone is welcome to join us.


Edit: Almost forgot, BIG thanks to @stoner for helping us get started!

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Nice one, let me visit your discord channel and get to know the community better. Weldon!


Hey! Just seen you joined. Look forward to hearing from you.


Yes, I've been wanting to but I'm kinda lost. I wasn't seeing smoke-related contents. Will be good if I can get a little help here!


We're working on it. Plus, channels are togglable!

Ok... I am ALL about community; whether online or in person and knowing that you, as a witness, are striving to bring people together and build this community stronger is a DEFINITE plus in my book. I know my witness voting power isn't much... but I am more than pleased to add you to my list of witness votes.

  • User retention seems to be one of the plagues all over the platforms. I am a person who on steemit with the help of being a Steward of Gondor (fulltimegeek) had weekly contests, gave back to the communities I belong to and was always trying to reach the next level of retention among members.

LOOKING forward to your future projects on SMOKE.


We appreciate every vote. They all add up. We are grateful to be added to your list of witnesses you vote for. We will do our best to maintain your support and look forward to sharing our future projects!

Oh fulltimegeek supports our other witness on Steem. Awesome guy!

Hello @moonblocks, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
If you're new to cryptocurrencies in general or aren't sure exactly how Smoke.io and Smoke Network works be sure to head over to our docs to get clued up.
- For the latest updates and news on the platform be sure to follow @smokenetwork our official Smoke Network account
- To help you get the most out of Smoke Network please be sure to also read the Content Guidelines set out in our Docs. Following these will earn you the most Smoke possible from the community and potentially earn you a spot in the Smoke.io Ambassador Programme.
We look forward to seeing the amazing cannabis content you produce!
This welcome bot is brought to you by @blackman , @smokeafrica your friendly witnesses

I never would have thought that i would ever try to become a witness until smoke motivated me to start my journey. I hope to learn as much as i can! With the help of @bitcoinparadise i can look forward to what's to come!