Lucashunter Witness Up and Running On The Smoke Mainnet

2 years ago

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Hello Stoners,

Lucas Hunter here a long time investor of the smoke token as I have seen the vision that this network is going to be so great in the future being the first social network for cannabis on the Internet.

I got to know about in Q3 last year from the Whaleshares discord server, thanks to @officialfuzzy for sharing this with the community. Since then, I have been following the development of the network until this moment when it launched.

To further pledge my support for the Smoke Network, I am running a witness server to keep the network active and produce block for the chain.


Below my specs used for running the witness node.

Hardware Specification
CPU Four cores
Disk storage 700 GB SSD-boosted
Port / bandwidth 100 Mbit/s port UNLIMITED Traffic
Upstream 130 Gbit/s
DDoS protection 100% Enabled


I am a professional Internet Marketer with more than seven-year experience with specialization in leads and sales generation. I have helped many business owners on Fiverr (a popular freelancing website) to set up and generate leads and sales for their businesses in various niches.

my fiverr profile

As a marketer, I have set up a community on discord app for the promotion of the Dapp. The community members will be able to carry out promotion tasks and get rewarded with the community token created on Bitshares.

Community tokens giving in exchange for tasks completed and verified will be bought-back with a forty percent income generated by the witness, another forty percent will be used to buy targeted advertisement to get more people onboard the Smoke network. The other twenty percent of income will be used for server maintenance, payment of community moderators and admins.

I will unveil more about the promotion community as soon as the plan and set-up are finalized.


I have to conclude by giving you a task that will help me succeed in this mission. Find your task below:


Go to the witness voting page here -


Go to the form below the list and type in lucashunter and click on the green vote button.

Enter your password to confirm your vote.


Follow me by clicking the follow button on my profile here

Well done and thank you for carrying out your little tasks. Together we can make the Smoke Network great.

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Huntsman!!!! Hahaha, welcome welcome. Hahaha

Nice meeting you here, you gat my vote. Lets high together.


Lol, yes @jessica let's get high together.

Nice to know that someone with good design skills is on board. Have you also worked with advertising methods like fb ads yourself or did you mainly setup the products for the traffic?


I have worked with FB ads, and Adwords/Youtube ads to get get leads and sales for my services. I have some digital services that I sell myself so I work what I talk.

Below are screenshots from my Facebook ads manager and Adwords account

Facebook Ads Manager

Google Adwords Account

Welcome. I just voted for you. Congratulations in advance


Thank you @thesandra, I appreciate your vote.

Nice having you here, love the smoke pix. I got my vote,


Lol, i scanned for it on imgur and got hooked to it immediately I set my eyes on it. Thank you for the witness vote.


You are welcome dear

Welcome, bro. Good to have you here again....lolx.
Let grow together. You got my vote.


Thanks @seyiodus for your vote. I enjoyed the show yesterday, looking forward to next week when I will be glad to present a post. You are welcome to smoke network


Thanks, bro. I will be looking forward to your post.
Let's chat on discord, please.


Okay sis, I will slide into your DM soon. Thanks

Good job bro, it is good to have one our own as witness