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2 years ago

Copy of clops toolbox testing.png

I was just asked the following:

Hey there! I am constantly being asked to remove my vote for you. Can you please update me and others? Are you going to go on? Are you working on it? Are you leaving us? I tell people that I wait if anything changes. But now that I've got this question way too many times, I thought I should simply ask you.

If you are pressuring people to remove their vote for me then shame on you. My witness is still running, I'm still maintaining the hotbox to make witnessing as easy as possible. Yes, I don't past but that's because I don't have any cannabis related topics to talk about.

My skills are technical and I have used them to help this community. If you have issues with my absence in this discord maybe ask me instead of pushing others to remove their votes. I told everyone weeks ago that I will not be using discord as often as I used to and everyone is free to message me on Matrix/Riot.

If my contributions are not wanted that's ok I don't have to develop or run a witness at a loss for this platform. If you need me, or have something to say please DM me.

Oh and no I have no plans to leave Smoke, to shut down my witness, or killing development of the HotBox. I look once a week for any update to smokeD so that anyone using the hotbox will get updates as fast as I can update the Docker file.

If it was a mistake then I apologies for the message. I just wanted everyone to be clear that I am not leaving my witness. Smoke is the first niche site on a blockchain and has a lot of potential.

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That was me and I confused him with someone else. I wrote the above message last Wednesday to @jrswab. He did not respond until today, gave me no time to answer that I didn't mean him and published this post, immediately. Much ado about nothing.



May I left your name out on purpose because I did not want this to get tied back to you. I wanted to make it known fast so that anyone that uses my project here won't get the wrong idea if indeed someone was asking for the removal of votes.

I am sorry for speaking up quickly and for that I am a fool.


I am sorry I caused the confusion. We're both fools. Welcome to the club of humans! I had another communication today that reminded me I am trying to respond instead of reacting. It's a valuable lesson, so we're good. :)


It was a weird conversation on Discord, but now that I reread it here, it is obvious it is about mixing up names. Why would you ask an active witness, are you working on it. This was meant for an inactive witness.

Just a human slip of the keyboard. No harm done or intended.

Who the hell is calling for removal of votes from you?! Your witness hasn't been down basically ever. lol. Makes no sense.

Yes, I don't past but that's because I don't have any cannabis related topics to talk about.

You could post about your hotbox dev progress?


I do, but have nothing to report at the moment.

Yo, your witness is down, can you fix that please?