Witness Update - November 12, 2018 - @jrswab Server Status

2 years ago


RAM Usage:

21.27% Usage on a 2GiB RAM Server which is about 0.425 GiB. Smoked is using 36.57% of that small total equaling around 0.16 GiB of RAM.



CPU Usage:

The total CPU usage is at 0.4%. This is a single 64 bit vCPU running Ubuntu 16.04. Smoked is using only 0.13% of the total.



Blockchain Disk Usage:

Sitting at a comfortable 7.68% of a 50GiB disk. Totaling about 3.84 GiB of used disk space including the operating system and Docker data.


Total Overview:


Your Vote Matters!

If you like with I am doing for the Smoke blockchain and you have an extra vote it would be an honor to have your support.
Go to https://smoke.io/~witnesses
and type jrswab in the box at the bottom.

Want to know more about my witness?

Feel free to message jrswab#3134 on Discord or jrswab on Keybase.

Find me on the net!

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It looks like your system is perking along quite nicely right now.


Indeed it is! :D