Hotbox v2.2.0 | RPC & Seed Nodes

last year


I added the ability to start up an RPC or Seed node from within the Hotbox! I'm running this version of the Hotbox for my RPC and it's working like a charm! The more witnesses, RPC nodes, and Seed nodes we have the better!

Note that you are not able to run more than one type of node in the Hotbox. This is a feature not a bug. Every use case for the Hotbox should be run separately from another and not on the same server.

We have a Discord group for this project now as well. This way we don't spam the Witness chat in the official Smoke Discord group. If you have any questions, feature requests, or bugs to report please let me know.

Tested On:

DistroStatusDate Tested
Debian 10Working2020-02-28
Debian 9Working2020-02-28
Debian 8Working2020-02-28
Ubuntu 19.10Docker not installing2020-02-26
Ubuntu 18.04 LTSWorking2020-02-26
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSWorking2020-02-26


Read the Github wiki for starting from scratch, updating, or moving from a non-Hotbox based witness.


If you would like to contribute to this project by code, please read the contribution page


GPL v3

2.2.0 Changelog


  • rpc-config.ini
  • seed-config.ini
  • user input to check if RPC node, seed node, or witness


  • config.ini.example to witness-config.ini
  • tmux name to include hotkeys for changing widows and leaving the hotbox correctly.
  • smoked to light version for seed nodes and witnesses
  • if statements to case statements.
  • RPC to
  • witness and seed config shared-file-size to 12G


  • not adding new lines during walk through.
  • witness shared-file-size
  • continuation issue when user enters an invalid user name

2.1.0 - 2020-02-27


  • Witness disabled check to update script
  • Script to setup a new server running a Debian based system.
    • Does basic security updates
    • Installs Docker
    • Creates new user
    • Creates hotbox directory and downloads


  • with missing releases
  • .gitinore
  • .dockerignore


  • to be the core file.
  • to create a tmux session with two windows
  • from hard coded version numbers to variables.
  • to have quick information now that walk throughs are in the Github wiki
  • release to be instead of

#rpc #seed #node

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I have used this version. Top notch and super simple to set up your witness with this.


Thanks for using the Hotbox and testing this out ahead of release!

Excellent, planning on attacking this today 👌 what are your thoughts on getting a backup web app up also? Could this be a plug-in built into hotbox?

May be a big ask but the more of us able to click and install solutions for support the more likely we are to see small development evolve is my thinking 🤔


I've been thinking about this too. What I'll need is to figure out a best approach but in the end it should be as simple for the user to say "I want to run a web app". Then they would be able to use their web browser to open their local version.


A deploy-able front end! Maybe have the Smoke Team incorporate a way for front end providers to give them a way to redirect the site to the ‘mirrors’ in case of server issues? Like another wallet function allowing a front end provider to specify a mirror site ip.


I like where this is going 👍


I was thinking something similar to relaylogix but for myself down the road I want to work on incorporating IPFS submission for easy self hosted video uploads... essentially fork and add to it... anyways thats down the line.

For myself, I would like to run a full copy of the web app along with node keeping it in the realm of overly cautious for limits.

Waiting on a support response from my ISP about a few things before I move forward, I hope to get a static IP and answers about port forwarding when using the router as a gateway.

After that I will reinstall @d00k13 from scratch, taking out the graphics card since I kinda broked the UI , using hotbox for a full node and hopefully I can be discovered externally!