Hotbox 2.0.5 - Hard Fork 1 Update & Config Tweak

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Hotbox v2.0.5

This version is now live and has an updated script and script to make the move to Smoked v0.1.0 as easy as possible.

Feb 22, 2020 Update:

Added the configuration change that @techcoderx mentions in this post. This will only effect new users of the Hotbox so if you are updating to the new version and need help, please let me know.

New Witnesses

Click here for instructions on installing from scratch.

Existing Hotbox Users

  1. Stop Smoked
  2. Exit the the hotbox (docker containter)
  3. docker rm hotbox
  4. docker pull jrswab/hotbox
  5. ./
  6. ./
  7. cd .smoke
  8. ./smoked --replay-blockchain

Want to move your witness to the Hotbox?

Click here for instructions on how to convert your witness into the Hotbox.

Thanks for using the Hotbox and please let me know if you have any questions.

PS: sorry to anyone that had issues with the hotbox in the past weeks and for my absence. I got a new job and had a baby, both in December, and I seem to have lost track of time.

<3 J. R.

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I’m glad to see you return for this important moment 👍 much love brother I hope everything is going well for you ❤️


Thanks d00k <3

Your witness is disabled though?


I had to replay the chain. I am live again as of Feb. 23, 2020