Hotbox 2.0.3 - Hotfix Update

in #witness
last year


Hotbox v2.0.3

This version is now live and has an updated script and script to make the move to Smoked v0.0.7 as easy as possible.

New Witnesses

Follow this guide if you are starting up a fresh witness.

Existing Hotbox Users

Follow the instructions laid out it the Hotbox 2.0.1 Upgrade Post

Thanks for using the Hotbox and please let me know if you have any questions.

<3 J. R.

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Nice thanks. I just got mine running on a screen, will check this out.


DM me on discord if you need help and I'll be there asap


Thanks, I will!

Excellent my friend, looking into running a backup myself and will be trying to get familiar with HotBox so I can help instruct other newbies better 👍

Thank you for getting this done ASAP 👌


I'm more than happy to give a hand; I'll be in and out of discord for the next week or so in case anyone needs me.

Great work! 👍


Doing all I can to make witnessing easy. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to lower the barrier to entry.

Yo, your witness went down?