Witness Update - 1/24/20 - Alive and Well!

in #witness
last year

Hmmmmmm, looks like the blockchain had a little issue earlier this week that caused my witness to fork to it's own chain. Not sure what happened but I havre successfully redeployed back to the correct chain.

I was hoping to see some growth in witnesses after the holidays but that didn't seem to happen. In fact looks like we lost a few and a few more may be suffering from the same issue I had.

Looks like there are only 21 active witnesses right now. I hope those currently experiencing issues are trying to get things straightened out and have not just given up.

Until next time....


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Thanks for posting an update

Looks as if you have gone offline again.. I believe the other witnesses are waiting on a hotbox repair... not 100% positive but it seems we need to get in contact with jrswab

Witness update released.

Hardfork1 is scheduled on 2020-02-24T00:00:00Z