Witness Update

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last year

Been a couple weeks since I first introduced myself and figured I should touch base again so people don't think I have disappeared.

Not much to say other than my witness node is still running smoothly and has not missed a block. This is not that impressive since I'm just a backup witnesses, but with the current number of active witnesses my node is seeing blocks more regularly.

Doesn't look like much has happened in the witness ranks over the last few weeks which is disappointing. I thought there may be more new witnesses and expected more people to remove votes from dead witnesses. Let's hope things pick up in the new year.


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I'm hoping people will remove votes from dead witnesses as well, would be nice if my alternate witness @Trichomes could actually catch enough blocks to bridge the gap fully for monthly costs between the two I run. It'd also brighten the witness ranks up a bit.

Also, any clue about @eder-witness? Been down for a day or so now, couldn't remember if you knew each other or not since you came at the same time roughly. Hopefully someone can find a way to contact him so he can get his witness back up. Hopefully he hasn't already abandoned us lol. :P


Eder is permanently disabled. It was a witness setup to help restart the chain but has been disabled now the chain is stable.


Hopefully it is the holidays keeping users busy and they will get back to business in the new year. Just voted for trichomes, not that my vote is worth anything :-P

No clue, don't know eder-witness.

Please dont get mad, but i want to learn. Are witnesses like a computer that checks and sort of runs this smoke.io thing, which is a blockchain? Or is it like an app that runs on a blockchain? And if i can, i looked breifly at the witness list thing, can i vote for a witness to help in some way? I know i have lots of questions that im sure more advanced people such as yourself find elementary, but thats kinda where im at right now. Thank you for this place 😊 sorry im still dumb lol but im trying .... It is very interesting but also very confusing.


Yes, witnesses produce the blocks which contain all content/transactions of this blockchain. They also validate the blocks produced by other witnesses, to reach “irreversible” status. You may also think of them as “block producers” or “nodes”.

Everyone has 30 witness votes available.

Here’s a small “unofficial FAQ” we wrote: https://j.mp/smokefaq


Thank you very much 😁