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last year

For those familiar with Ayn Rand it won't come as a surprise that I am not a big fan of government and their attempt to decide what is best for all. So although I am not a smoker I do respect the individuals right to due so.

I believe is a needed platform that provides smokers a place to share, meet, and collaborate without the fear of censorship and government intervention. So when I heard the platform was down due to lack of witnesses I decided to spin up witness node to support.

I won't be a regular poster, but don't be alarmed with this as I will be on top of keeping my witness running.

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Welcome to the smoke network and great to see new witnesses!



Welcome aboard. So are you an Engineer or Artist / Creator that has abandoned the City / Society ?


Engineer maybe, artist definitely not. Never a city person. Every wonder why the government is trying to push people to cities? City people rarely develop skills to be independent and self-sufficient. More people depend on others/government the easier they are to control. Just look at youtube videos by rural people and the skills and ingenuity they have developed. Compare that to people in the big cities that rely on "society" to provide them food and have never provided for themself.


Agreed 👌

Welcome to the witness fam ❤️

Good to have you here, welcome to the family 👍

Welcome to sir John!



Welcome ! Great to have you as witness.

Hi @johngalt, welcome to smoke! :D

welcome, I would encourage you to post updates even if it's just how things are going witness task wise every week to increase your earnings as a witness.

Do you have any plans for smoke in the future?


Thanks, Right now I'm not sure what the future may bring. I saw the need and jumped in, I guess time will tell. Not being a smoker and not too in tune with the culture other than my libertarian beliefs.