Introducing @jah.witness - votes welcome!

2 years ago is a witness account setup to scale in the AWS environment. The goal of the witness account is to partner with the community and ensure the longevity of the smoke chain. I setup the witness in AWS to allow for auto scaling, the native security that AWS brings and the strong server monitoring and alert tooling that exists. Here are some of my other goals:

• Run a stable and reliable witness node with a low network latency, to avoid missing blocks
• Develop the technical skills to manage the nodes
• Setup alerts when blocks are missed
• Create an image (ami) of the smoke witness config to allow up & coming community members to setup their own witnesses super fast.
• Run a seed node that helps distribute the blocks and reduce the overall network latency

Your votes are appreciated!


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Got my vote from Venezuela.

Got my vote.
Looks like you've got some great plans in mind.
Glad to have you here. :)