Vote jackdub for Smoke Witness + 707 Headband Celebration Tokes

last year


Hey all, it's good to be back - i've been busy setting up a witness server. Please take the time to Vote jackdub for Smoke Witness :) Many thanks.


707 Headband indica dominant

The 707 Headband 60/40 indica hybrid strain was created with the crossing of the well known Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush strains (Source). These 707 Headband buds have a solid 24% THC with a smooth 1% CBD.


Bark Hemp rolling papers

Rolled up a smoke with Bark Hemp papers and 707 Headband buds for the jackdub smoked witness server up-and-running celebration. Many thanks for the helpful people and how-to guides.


Smoking per Usual

Sweet lime skunk pine peppery zest light spice flavor from the 707 Headband tokes - cheerful day buzz. I'll get back to daily smoke posts soon and will keep watch on the jackdub witness server - to be sure it keeps helping dole out the good smoke.


Vote jackdub for Smoke Witness


Have a great day!

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Congrats and welcome to the club!

Great to see more witnesses and even more so if they’re also top creators on the platform.


Thanks for the help getting it up and running - i enjoy the smoke site daily, figured it was a good time to pitch in with a smoked server :) puff puff pass

As soon as I figure how to do all that you know you got my vote. Also i can figure it out. Just need to for mobile. Congrats man


Thanks - i've found that when i go to the witness vote page, i need to refresh the page to see my cast votes, then when i vote for a witness it wants my active password. Hope that helps :)

Congrats, mate


Many thanks - i've witnessed many strains, realized it was time to witness some smoke :)

Glad to see you up and running, voted as witness 💫


Thanks - i'll be sure to check the smoked server multiple times daily, alerts are set up too :)

voted for you too.

Got my Vote.

Voted Jack....glad to see your witness.


Thanks - i want to help keep the good smoke flowing :)

Got my vote 👍


i was jones-ing from those dry days, figured it was about time that i started up a smoke witness server - i'll be sure to keep a close eye on it, many thanks :)