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The reason why participatory democracy works is because those who don't care stay in bed on Sunday morning. Think about this. :)

While the "eternal unless withdrawn" votes on graphene platforms bring the negatives from obligatory participation (like in Belgium where a lot of votes are de facto status quo votes) and combine them with the positives of those who express their right to not care (like in Germany), and thus make the votes of those who actively participate to elections more important in weight, the beauty of democracy is that those who understand the active voters are the ones to target and earn will eventually also get the spotlights.

The best thing about participatory democracy is the active voters. You are wasting energy if you don't target them. The rest don't matter, they're a distraction and thus a lost opportunity. A waste of energy trying to activate those who expressed caring less while you could whoo those who actively care.

But, for the last time: Yes, I do understand the issue and do sympathize. I even don't disagree, I am rather trying to show you another path to possibly explore. An IMHO potentially more successful one.


Well that was my point, it is not another path, it is the path I have been following from the start, just on another platform.

Despite of what you claim, I am confident, at this point, making people aware, active or not, works. Some members have come back to the platform or finalized their signup and started posting, just because a conversation was started about it on the other platform. It also brought in more witnesses.

There maybe an overload of posts on the subject but that is just because the arrival of new witnesses overlaps the urge of others to post about it.