Witness Update: 8

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11 months ago

Update: 8


I have been away for a while (Not fully, been checking in.) so I'm sorry for the absence from communicating lately. It seems there isn't much going on beyond the usual here, so I haven't missed too much. I will try to be more active, but life has a way of dragging you around from task to task.

@HowHigh Witness

Uptime has remained at 100% even during my absence. I have been making sure to keep an eye on it. No issues with the backup either. I'm fully functional.

It seems I have missed just 2 blocks according to the LAST REPORT from @bbq-iguana.
It seems my witness is one of the most stable ones on the network, can't be upset about that! :)

Uptime: 98%~ Overall


Voting for witnesses is very important to the health of the blockchain, don't forget!

Seems more witnesses have disabled since I last checked. That's sad to me. :'( Unfortunately though, that is part of things. The good news is, I'm sure there will be more witnesses in the future, that will take their place. We still have a nice healthy amount, but it wouldn't hurt to have more!

Please, check your witness votes and remove your votes from inactive witnesses.


Thank you to everyone for their continuing support!
I appreciate you all! You are the best!

Click here >> VOTE << to adjust your witness votes!
A lot of great people care a lot about this place!

Peace and Love!


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Posting more often would be a welcome change, the more online the better 👍