Picking up some of the slack. :)

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10 months ago

Witness Down! Witness Down! Need backup!


It seems that although I have been pushed out of the top 20 witnesses, that I am picking up the slack for some of them that are down. I hope they can get their witnesses back up quickly! I do not like to see people that I know care about SMOKE, with their witness down, because I know that it is not intentional most of the time.


I also seem to be losing votes due to not being as "active" but I assure you, sometimes life gets busy, but in my free time, I come and I distribute my votes and I interact when I can. You will also see me on STEEM a lot more now, because I have a project going on there that works alongside the new STEEM Engine. I am always keeping an eye on my witness though, clearly. I have had minimal downtime since it was created and I have one of the lowest missed block counts among witnesses. :)

I am proud of that fact, as that means with a one time exception that was beyond my control... I have been able to successfully run a witness that has been solid in providing stability for the community.
I understand that people have their reasons for removing/adjusting votes, but please consider the fact that some of us have been here since SMOKE started and have maintained witnesses with little to no issues at all, being a part of the reason that the network is so stable. :)

Ok, more active.

I will be more active so that people know I am still present.
I get how voting doesn't seem like someone is really taking the time to check things out and interact, but I try to use my power so that instead of it going to waste, it goes to someone worthy. Unfortunately, we do not have something like STEEMauto does, to where we can ensure we don't lose voting power, but I think that's good, because that is another reason to be sure to come check back in if I've been gone a while.

I am working on developing a website for a domain that I have purchased, so I am also preoccupied by that a bit lately. Sorry mates.

This is a good thing though, as SMOKE will be a featured coin on my website! That will give more exposure, in a positive way. It will help spread the word about SMOKE, alongside every other Crypto out there that I discuss/post/trade on my website. I think that is a vital step toward mass adoption, is that SMOKE needs to be seen as a partner/on the same stage/platform as all the other big name Cryptocurrencies.

There is still much to do, but I am progressing quickly in the development. Quickly doesn't mean things will be done any time soon though, so if I seem a bit... absent from SMOKE, that is ultimately why. It correlates to SMOKE though, so in a way, I am working on something for SMOKE, just not entirely. It is a piece of a very complex puzzle. One I will be promoting heavily though! ;P

When I said I was dedicated to SMOKE, I meant it.
I will continue to run a witness, even though it is at a loss.
I will continue to come back, even if I'm away for a bit.
I will continue to promote it in positive ways and spread the word to people I encounter.
I will work on developing things for SMOKE.

It's just going to take time as I'm going at the only pace I can.
Don't mistake me spreading my wings or selling some stake so I can invest in other projects as me "leaving," as I can assure you that is not the case. I started here, my roots are here, my beautiful cannabis plants will flourish here. ;) They'll just spread their seed to other areas as well! LOL


Peace and Love
Hope everyone is doing well!

The last giveaway had many more participants than the last!
Looking forward to the next one!

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