Witness Update #5 - Smoke Development Progress

2 years ago

Finally getting back into the groove of posting again.

Witness Update


It's absolutely incredible how swift the members of Smoke can be with things like witness voting. With only %3 total witness votes utilized, and half the user-base currently inactive, the amazing users here have been able to completely switch the look of the witness board by way of pushing the inactive witnesses to the bottom. In less time that I've been on this platform the community has been able to band together and get the witness board organized. That's more than can be said for bigger block chains.

Sure, one could argue that it's more difficult to accomplish with a larger-base and more vote weight diversity. Still... Things like this make me want to push harder to throw in my own substantial contributions.

So that is the plan, I've dropped every ongoing project and diverted all of my allowable efforts to Smoke.

I also want to give an official welcome to our newest witness @d00k13! It's awesome to see another witness supporting our blockchain, especially one as actively posting. Stoked to have you here - looking forward to your next vlog!

Updates on project developments.

SmokeConnect and SmokeVault will be making their way to scene soon. Two separate tools for developers to authorize user logins and transactions for any application or website. This removes the need to release private keys to third-party applications for authorizing or broadcasting transactions.

The original code (built for steem and whaleshares) relies on certain dependancies - i.e. steem-uri, dsteem and Graphene JavaScript packages respectively. Naturally, these will need porting to SMOKE for both SmokeConnect and SmokeVault to function. The packages will ofcourse be renamed to smoke-uri & dsmoke. Once the task is complete, and passes a code audit from anyone who wishes to do so - a pull request will be made on the official Smoke Git. Keeping these projects Free Open Source Software aswell as transparent.

You can find the forks for these at https://github.com/herbncrypto/

Blockstrain has been put mainly on hold until the above project gets finished, as it will be needed for user login on Blockstrain. Though, still fiddling with retrieving and filtering strain reviews from the network.

Smoke.io UI - adding a flag button in the comments/replies section of a users profile - then submitting pull request. To allow the community to combat mass comment spam, if they so choose.

Pipe-cleaner has been updated and upgraded to ~96% accuracy, but is down and will remain so until/if is requested to come back. Main-net beta test is over.

Side Project

Haven't been on the torch lately, but I have some glass pieces left that could be great for smoke, in some way. Either a giveaway or contest or to use as fodder for a Smoke Store FOSS project. Haven't quite decided yet.

Unfortunately no hollow pieces left, but plenty of dabbers, carb-caps, pendants, marbles and millies. Even a glass link chain w/ pendant (Don't ask me why I made it). I will pull them out of storage for the future post once I decide how to go about it. Once things settle down with family life, and if I can get space to set up the equipment - I hope to get back into blowing glass.

My wife melting glass beside me❤

A few creations I've made

If anyone has a great idea they'd like to share that could mix Smoke and glass - let me know! See if we can make it happen.

Incase you missed it

A Guide To Making THC-A Crystals

Free-to-use Logos, Vectors and Fonts

If you liked this post, or found it helpful in anyway - consider voting for me as witness

Keep it orange =)

And as always - Keep Smoking!


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You already have my witness vote, keep up the good work 👍

Yo your witness node went down 40hrs ago?


Got it running again, when away from home I check the witness section from my phone to make sure everything is good. I checked it the other morning and everything looked fine. Then out of nowhere it says disabled for over 40 hours! Bit of a panic but now that I'm home everything is running smoothly.

Great update, looking forwards to your developments 👍

Hi fellow witness, you seem to be doing great. That is good to hear. Those glass creations look awesome.

Can I ask one question, out of interest as a programmer? Why would you reprogram something like SmokeVault, while WhaleVault already covers Smoke login. To my knowledge, Smoke.io code needs to be adjusted to make WhaleVault work. Are you adding features?


Mainly rebranding. As you said, it already works with smoke login. I might hide the ability to add the other chains, or make them less prominent. No substantial features are planned to be added.

Good devices. Great job

Your wife looks like she is wielding a light saber. Will given you my witnesss vote. I also run a witness on my other use r if you wanna vote for me I'm @xxoxx.

You have my vote too!

Hey nice glass you blow there!

Thanks for the shoutout my friend, glad you like my vlogs 😁

I was wondering who was working on the keychain stuff, glad to know that is in progress still.

Love the glass works, that's quite the art form!