Witness Update #3 - Contest Deadline Announcement

2 years ago


The contests will run untill June 30th.

Once the deadline hits, the winners will get announced.

Users have already started submitting, and hopefully will keep at it.

On Another Node

The witness board is almost looking proper. There are no inactive witnesses in the top 20, and nearly all of the active witnesses have been pushed to the top of the board. It looks much better to new-comers and potential crypto investors, from a look of "panic exits" and abandonment - to a look of "loyalty>greed" and order.

Amazing action by the Smoke.io community!

Although there is a negative, we're now down to 15 inactive witnesses.


On May 25th, the price nearly doubled to 0.41 BTS/SMOKE. It has since dropped way back down to 0.27 BTS/SMOKE.


The volumes have picked up nicely in the past month. It gets talked about in the "trollbox" as being a hot token to trade.

SMOKE is on a rollercoaster, but I always remain positive about the future of SMOKE & Smoke.io

Incase you missed it

Smoke.io Promotion Contest

Free-to-use Logos, Vectors and Fonts

If you liked this post, or found it helpful in anyway - consider voting for me as witness

Keep it orange =)

And as always - Keep Smoking!


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To be honest the number of inactive witnesses will only increase because they are shown for life. Once a witness always a witness. There is no decay or disappearance as such on that status in the smoke blockchain. 😆

IMHO always better to start with a solid small core, who have shown longevity, than with high but not yet proven stable stats. A solid core serves longterm growth better.

Btw with the low witness rewards on smoke, compared to any other platform, greed should never really become an issue for even top 20 witnesses. And when it does, SMOKE should be north of $1 already. A top 20 witness makes only around 1,500SMOKE/month.


Good point about the total amount of inactive witnesses. I meant on the witness board though - I should have been specific lol.

I agree that a solid core group is preferrable, now that the top 20 has only active witnesses present - the witness board achieves that look more-so than before.

And another good point. Greed shouldnt be a motivator, though it often is. It's good to weed out the hype and runs that add no stability.


It sucks that some of the stable witnesses simply don't post, I'd potentially vote for them if they were using the platform.


There’s some I even don’t know “who” they are. Would love to vote for them... if they gave me a reason beyond being a stable block producing server. But I don’t vote just for the sake of voting.


Yea, I wìsh I was more active myself.

It would be awesome to see some content from some others too.


You’re doing alright. Or let’s say that your recent run should have helped you enough, I know it was sufficient to catch my attention. But that’s not a 4.2m vote. :D


Yeah I feel the same way


Smoke value is ok, it was born in a bear market and has never seen a bull market. Put it this way, at the peak of the last bull market I was making hundreds of dollars on steemit posts but now it's tens of cents for a post, but posts prior to the bull market also in hindsight were worth a lot.


SMOKE’s value is good. When compared to performance of other “social tokens”, some even with actual clients and much more mileage, being only on Rudex and less visibility right now may even be a blessing in disguise. Especially given little to no token utility right now.

Not sure the price watchers actually look at that, then again I don’t often look at price either. Right now it’s pretty irrelevant. User acqui and then additional token utility first.

I'm pretty sure I voted for you before I left for Copenhagen, keep active ✌️


Thanks, I really appreciate it!
I hear Copenhagen is a beautiful place, also extremly 420 friendly? Hope the dankruptcy doesn't last - Would love to hear more about the trip in a future post!


It's only 420 friendly within the commune subburb, otherwise it's treated like a soft drug. I'm going to go visit there and get a couple prerolls maybe later tonight or tomorrow, I'll let you guys know how I get on haha :D

Voted as witness / Thanks for update.


Very much appreciated!

Okay Mr botty mc bot face... Can you atleast pleease not take any of the good names for future users? @weedron @kaiser @jellie @mikey @gwenn @commander-of the-bot-army

Great contest.i appreciate.