Witness Update #2 - Market Conditions

2 years ago


The buy wall on rudex is massive. It greatly outweighs the sell wall.
This is an extremely healthy sign for SMOKE, as there isn't anyone dumping a ton of coins at a low price (or even a very high price). Also meaning there is more interest in attaining SMOKE than getting rid of it. Though volumes have been relatively low, after picking up last week. The overall outlook on SMOKE this month is quite positive.


I personally have some open orders, at the current highest buy bid (0.2800 BTS/SMOKE) and another at (0.267).

Will try to place another buy wall up at maybe 0.3 BTS or so, hopefully that one will last.

I was previously on a mission to buy out the sell orders to keep it at a higher price, but that seems like a failing plan.

I'm not sure what the mechanics of it are, I figure it's from bots homing in on extra volume and new price gains. No matter how many times I buy the price up, it falls back down.

With the current boom in bitcoin and various altcoins, it gets harder and more expensive to obtain SMOKE.

Will keep at the grind, and try to help improve the Smoke.io community & SMOKE economy anyway I can.

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For SMOKE price, we should consider BTS also got a nice boost. :)


Good point!