Witness Update #1 - Forcing the price of SMOKE up

2 years ago


With a handful of trades, the price of SMOKE more than doubled.

Last night, with a bit of patience - due to some really annoying trade bots, I was able to buy the SMOKE sell wall up to 0.48 BTS on rudex.

It came back down to 0.27 BTS by morning.

Which I again was able to buy up to 0.4 BTS


At the time of writing this post, SMOKE is still up %77 with 10K Volume in a 24-hr period.

Not bad for a first attempt.

It cost 0.03 BTC through all the transfers and fees.. which doesnt seem correct given the quoted/signaled price in USD.

Oh well.

Atleast it was at, at one point, 179% increase in 24-hr price.

Might try again on ecodex and see what happens. I havent even checked to see if there's arbitrage between the two exchanges.

On another node

Let's get these disabled witness nodes off the witness board.



Vote for a witness that is still active
(Not greyed out)



I will also try to compile a list of witnesses that are enabled and not on the board to make it easier to vote for them.

So far I have found @tukor, @nuthman and @wikileaksonweed as *possible active witnesses that are not on the board.

DISCLAIMER - *These witnesses may not be running active nodes, but they are the few I could find still active on smoke.io - which is a good sign. Though I am reaching out to them to verify active nodes.

There are currently 10 disabled witness nodes on the witness board.


Let's atleast get the deactivated witnesses to the bottom of the board.

For anyone serious about investing in cryptocurrency, one of the things on the list of qualifications is: Does the project look abandoned?

Though those in the community know that Smoke.io hasn't been, it could look that way to anyone who cares to poke around the witness board.

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It's nice to see a new witness pop in on the block. Would be about damn time for those disabled witnesses to get lower than the actually active ones.


Some I might vote for if they ever posted


Yea, there are a few active witnesses that have never posted or rarely post. Would definitely be nice to see a little bit more engagement.


Thank you! Yes I agree lol. I read a post a couple days ago by @skylinebuds about our bitcointalk thread being inactive. It's those little things that can make a project look dormant.


Yeah, I think we need to post something daily about smoke. The main thread will be updated in coming days likely this weekend


Was thinking of posting my rudex results on the thread. Its not much but atleast something fresh to look at?

Bumped your witness up one with my vote to 49


Thank you! Much appreciated!

Nice to see some new witnesses will seing my vote as soon as I get to pc


Thank you so much for the support! Yea, it would be good to see the witness board full of active nodes


It really would, I am hoping we can atleast get all active in top list

We have gave you our vote. Full support!

@herbncrypto I would be careful about making posts like these because it almost sounds like you are purposely manipulating the mark and making a post about it could get you in trouble with regulators, it is best if you are gonna make manipulations to keep them to yourself because market regulators could say it is a form of a pump and dump aka insider trading. I don't think this post necessarily falls in that line, but saying it is borderline and I don't want to see anyone in trouble.


@tecnosgirl Thank you, I really appreciate the concern! Though I agree I dont think it falls in that line and personally feel it would be closer to a signal, I will take your advice and speak less about my personal contribution and more about the overall information. I will also start using the legal disclaimer about how stock signals are not investment advice etc. Thank you again for the suggestion!

That being said, I AM trying to manipulate the price. I am not shy about that. Market manipulation happens constantly in various (legal) ways. Buying and hodling is one good legal way to try to manipulate prices :)

Pump and dump scams are definitely a big deal and have adverse effects on any currency, Fiat or digital. Though there are plenty of cases where pump and dumps happen in a legitimate and legal way. Institutions employ this method constantly. It's when false and misleadingly positive information is used to garner investment attention to an equity, things get greasy.

The way the price is fluctuating.. I think i have to trade on smoke token instead of dodge


Always trade with smoke, increase our volumes ;)


I m on it now :)

Happy to have you! I resmoked and voted for all of you. Just one suggestion: Could you insert a link to the page https://smoke.io/~witnesses for all the new members to easily follow your post?
Greetings from Germany


Thank you! And great suggestion - I cant believe I missed that.
Greetings from Canada

Great you made it, and already within the top50. That was quick. Who would have thought that would happen after I spent 45 minutes helping you setup your witness server thinking you were talking about a Whaleshares witness server LOL.

One more active witness, nice going.

A minor note. The text says there are 10 disabled witnesses, but your image shows 11. You probably updated it as soon as you entered the list yourself, but the text and image make no sense now.

@moonunit's server seems to have been completely removed by his host. He needs to setup another one from scratch.


No kidding! Yes you are absolutely right, when I created this post there were 11, then noticed I had made it to the board. Will update the photo to make sense with the text. Although with what you just said about @moonunit maybe I should update the text instead of the photo? Though that downed server will likely be temporary.


Guess it will be hard to write it in a way that it is correct. Just noticed @easyrider shows up as disabled, not sure if that is intended.

As long as the images matches with the text, you should be fine.